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To respect the environment is part of our nature

At Sonae Arauco we are committed to the concept of sustainable utilisation of the raw materials and we actively respect these principles in all our business practices.
We believe in efficient value chains able to stimulate investment and the active management of forests. Wood based panels contribute to the sustainable use of forest resources. Some of the many advantages are:

  • They are a solid alternative to wood;
  • Their dimensional flexibility, allows made-to-measure products to be manufactured;
  • Compared to other building materials, like steel and concrete, it has considerably lower negative environmental impacts;
  • A positive effect on global warming due to improved energy efficiency;
  • When used for building purposes, they act as carbon storage, helping reduce CO2 emissions;
  • At the end of their lifespan, they can be recycled and transformed into new products in a continuous recycling process.

Health and Safety at Work

To guarantee the permanent comfort and safety of our employees, all the Sonae Arauco activities are subject to a preventive approach in relation to the management of safety, hygiene and health at work, which includes:

  • Risk reduction and control to prevent incidents, accidents, injuries and occupational diseases;
  • Safety in the factories and workplaces in general, including all equipment;
  • Employee training and commitment to ongoing improvement in all these processes.

Education and the Community

We undertake to practise, encourage and promote social responsibility through the adoption of ethical behaviour, improving the standard of living of our employees and their families, as well as the communities where we are.

Given that our business is directly connected to the use of natural resources, we take our responsibility extremely seriously in relation to raising environmental awareness and conserving the environment.

Environmental Policy

In line with Sonae Arauco Group Policy, we at White River believe that the quality of the air, waterways, land, fauna and flora must be protected for the continued benefit of all. Sonae Arauco White River is committed to ensure compliance to this policy and act responsibly with due regard to the effects the activities and products have on the environment.

In order to achieve this, we will:

  • Responsibly manage the use of raw materials, resources, and by-products.
  • Give priority to prevention and actively try to reduce and control pollution.
  • Practice reduction, recycling, reprocessing, and re-utilization of all waste materials.
  • Promote continual improvement, environmental awareness, and responsibility among employees, suppliers, and the surrounding community through communication and training.
  • Monitor and audit the environmental performance of our operation according to this internationally accepted environmental standard.
  • As far as reasonably practical, conform to applicable environmental, safety, and health regulations and legislation.
  • Include environmental management in our strategic planning cycle and evaluate the impact of new projects and product development.
  • Communication of this policy is available to the general public upon request.
  • Annually review and establish Environmental objectives and audit compliance to relevant environmental requirements, standards, legal and other requirements to which our company subscribes, and as required in terms of this policy.

The above policy is aligned with the Corporate Environmental Policy and signed by local management as an indication of their commitment.

The Corporate Environmental policy is excluded from the management system and is only displayed as means of executive management commitment.