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Vision & Mission

Creating wood solutions for a better life

Our vision is to create wood-based solutions for a better life and planet

We believe in the value of wood in people’s lives. Our vision is to provide sustainable wood-based solutions that improve modern quality of life. Our aim is to be the wood brand choice of clients, employees, suppliers and communities. Sonae Arauco stands for its purpose of creating wood-based solutions for a better life, a better future and a better planet.

Our mission is to offer wood-based products that improve people’s lives.

We have an industrial soul and we believe in wood-lasting partnerships. We seek excellence and long-term profitability along with our business partners. Our everyday dream is to take our clients’ ambitions further by offering an attractive combination of industrial expertise, functionality, sustainable quality, design and price.

Our Shareholders

The history of two companies inspiring a new future history

Sonae Arauco is the result of a joint-venture between Sonae Indústria and Arauco. This partnership was born to create inspirational wood solutions for a better world and brighter future, and encompasses wood-based panelling, chemical and impregnated paper plants in Europe and South Africa.

Sonae Indústria

Founded in 1959, Sonae Indústria is a multinational company that produces wood-based panels. Rooted in the north of Portugal, it has sprouted to the world, developing products for the furniture, building and decoration industries that improve people’s standard of living. Using wood as the raw material for everything it produces, from the very start Sonae Indústria has made a point of using the natural resources in a sustainable way and to keep the environmental impact of its activities to a minimum.

In 2016, it established a partnership with Arauco, one of the largest forestry product suppliers in the world, giving rise to Sonae Arauco.In addition to this strategic alliance, Sonae Indústria today has the largest particleboard industrial plant in North America, as well as plants for high-pressure laminates and components for furniture in Portugal and Germany.



Founded in 1970 with the mission of producing and managing renewable forestry resources, Arauco is today an international benchmark in terms of forestry and industrial plants, efficiency, production standards, innovation, environmental responsibility and social commitment.

Originating in Chile, Arauco’s reach has now spread to over 75 countries. Over almost 50 years, it has increased and enhanced its forestry plantations through permanent research and the application of best global practices in relation to sustainability and conservation of trees, soils and biodiversity of its forested areas for future generations.



Sonae Arauco is proudly affiliated with:

  • Green Building Council
  • Building Centre
  • Autospec Logo
  • KSA
  • IID

    Ethics Policy

    Ethics and transparency are rooted in our business. Sonae Arauco encourages individuals to disclose information relating to any situation or behaviour that may constitute a breach of the Sonae Arauco Code of Ethics.
    Reports of this nature should be submitted to the Ethics Committee and are treated as anonymous. Alleged irregularities are to be accompanied by proof for an investigation to be carried out.
    The alleged irregularity should be submitted by e-mail to: ethics.committee@sonaearauco.com