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One of the world’s leaders in the wood-based panels market
With an industrial soul, Sonae Arauco is one of the largest wood-based solutions players in the world. The company’s commitment to sustainable development is borne out in its forest certification, the implementation of a circular bioeconomic model and the permanent integration of recycled wood into the industrial process.
Since its inception, Sonae Arauco has focused on developing sustainable wood solutions with high-added value for furniture, interior design and construction, from the most standard to the most demanding from a technical point of view. From Innovus® decorative products to Core & Technical® products and AGEPAN® SYSTEM solutions, Sonae Arauco holds a versatile portfolio, with a wide range of applications.


industrial and commercial units in 9 countries

production capacity of wood solutions

countries where our products are sold

of the wood we use comes from sustainable, certified or controlled sources.

quantity of recycled wood we are committed to further integrate into our products by 2026.

CO2 yearly retained, on average, through Sonae Arauco’s products.

Mission, Vision and Values

Sonae Arauco’s vision is to create wood-based solutions for a better life and planet.

We believe in the value of wood in people’s lives. Our aim is to be the wood brand choice of employees, clients, suppliers and communities.
Sonae Arauco stands for its purpose of creating wood-based solutions for a better life, a better future and a better planet.

The company’s mission is to offer wood-based products that improve people’s lives.

We have an industrial soul and we believe in wood-lasting partnerships. We seek excellence and long-term profitability along with our business partners. Our everyday dream is to take our clients’ ambitions further by offering an attractive combination of industrial expertise, functionality, sustainable quality, design and price.

Sonae Arauco takes wood innovation further to be a leading international company in the sector

Proud industrial soul

With a long-term business vision and a solid growth ambition, Sonae Arauco is a company born with strong roots to last through generations. We have the courage to take risks and the financial strength to embrace them as new challenges, knowing that our knowledge and high-quality standards will always take us further.

Wood-based expertise

Eye Long-term business vision

Solid growth ambition

Wood-based life improvement

We take wood innovation further to be a leading international company in the sector. We create sustainable and renewable wood-based solutions for a better life and planet, moving beyond products to offer fit-for-purpose solutions that improve people’s lives.

Forest Sustainable and renewable


Fit for purpose

Wood-lasting alliances

We believe in teamwork, safe workplaces, cooperation and long-lasting partnerships. Ethics and transparency are rooted in our business integrity and commitment to our stakeholders. Respecting the environment and the communities around us is part of our nature and at the centre of our priorities.

Ethics and transparency

Long-lasting partnerships

Safety and good ctizenships