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7 Inspirational Decor Tips on how to transform your working-from-home space


Your home office has become your everyday workplace – whether a separate den or an unobtrusive corner or nook within another room which you “appropriated” as your home desk. If you are starting to feel work-from-home (WFH) fatigue and are no longer motivated and inspired when sitting down to work each day perhaps it’s the ideal time to refresh and uplift your workspace and reinvigorate yourself. 


Here’s what we recommend…


Get rid of the clutter

With minimalist design a big 2021 trend, clutter-free is chic. Nothing without an everyday or immediate function must be visible. Don’t let papers etc. accumulate on your desktop. Arrange the electrical cables in the desk slot, with a cable organiser under the desk or clip affixed to the back of your desk. Pack your laptop and cables away when not in use. Keep your desktop neat and orderly so it appears to be barely there and fits seamlessly in your room.


Proficient organising 

Store away work items in the desk drawers or shelves or find suitable storage for these inside other household cupboards. Only a few, most essential work items should remain on your desk but in artistic, stylish coordinating containers. The desktop should look neat and attractive!


Lighting it up

If possible, position your desk near a window for natural light. Extra lighting is essential for dark spaces, cloudy days or extended working after dusk. A multifunctional LED angle poise desk lamp will keep unsightly cables to a minimum and your cellphone close at hand.


Make it comfortable with ergonomics

Improve the ergonomics of your space but match your choices with your interior décor. You sit at your desk for long hours, so your chair must fit and support your body perfectly, be adjustable and be really comfortable. Obtain other functionality you may want like ..

  • A monitor riser to raise your screen to eye-level.
  • A desk with a retractable keyboard tray below your desk.
  • A footstool to rest your feet while sitting working. 


Natural eco-friendly elements 

With biophilic design, the desire of humans to attune with and have closer affinity to nature, being in vogue, it’s time to bring in what’s natural.


Work Life Balance

Learn to start and finish work as you would when working at your company site so that you can have ample good quality time with your family. Stay active and follow a healthy exercise regime.


Natural, or melamine wood-based panels 

Wood looking boards with its elegant beauty gives a sense of soothing warmth and its various textures add unique character to any space.


With its myriad of different uses when you consider the variety of interior products made of wood-like veneers, wood pressed melamine boards, panels and laminated boards which, in modern interiors, are being widely used as surface materials for ceilings and walls, furniture, windows and doors. 


Wood-based decorative panels are a cost-effective modern solution for uplifting your home office as they come in a wide range of stylish colours, textures and finishes that will appeal to any taste and completely transform your space. Whether you’re looking for a defined look to the whole home office or a wood effect finish to your walls or office furniture, our versatile boards are ideal.


When deciding on how to integrate our boards into your workspace décor there are unlimited options and combinations to choose from. Here are the more popular home office applications for our boards:


  • Accent walls
  • Bookshelves
  • Shelves
  • Cupboards
  • Desks
  • Filing or Stationery Cabinets/Credenzas


Interior designers are mixing woods finishes with other sleek finishes like stucco or textured and plain unicolours for that sophisticated feel.

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Panelling or wall cladding with board in the right place creates a rich visual appeal which is sure to rejuvenate your space and spirits.


Reinvigorate yourself and refresh your work space into somewhere you love to be every day as it seems we will all be spending a lot more time working from home.


For more information on our quality, inspirational  wood-based decorative panels and services, visit us at: https://sonaearauco.co.za/