A 2021 Retrospective - Marking our journey from Novolam to Innovus

Since Sonae Arauco first entered the South African interior design market, we have undertaken a short yet tremendous journey in terms of growth. Through the utilisation of ethical business standards, strategies, and investments, including an emphasis on the importance of environmental awareness within the market. We have expanded from modest beginnings to becoming one of the largest competitors in the country and an industry leader in terms of design focus.

While we have seen remarkable progress along our journey, we are particularly proud of what we have been able to accomplish in the year 2021 alone. Two launches in one year would not have been possible had it not been for the passionate individuals who make up the entirety of our large, growing family and the support and commitment from our loyal customer base.

Innovus Decorative Products

Sonae Arauco initially launched our range of decorative products under the Novolam brand. As we grew the business, we attracted international investment which spurred an amalgamation of both global and regional design trends. Now as a global business, we are able to bring global design choices and a variety of exciting new decorative concepts to complement our local collection.

Despite various restrictions on our movement and the presence of a global pandemic, Sonae Arauco launched Innovus Decorative Products in early May. The initial launch took place during an online digital launch while show days across the country featured its complementary décors, adhering to strict social distancing protocols.

These décors would join each of our existing categories of Woodgrains, Fantasies, and unicolours. These included Elmina, Sanctuary and Castle Grey. Each one bears a unique stylistic approach from regal woodgrain aesthetics, industrial chic, and matching the 2021 colour of the year.

The Innovus Decorative Products brand was designed with the stylistic concept of Matching Life in mind. In essence, life is what inspires us to be creative. People are those who encourage us to envision and innovate. The vibrancy colour, the stories that fill our spaces, and the moments that make us who we are. Our hope is to inspire interior designers and architects to create beautiful spaces that make dreams a reality.

Spirit – a brand new exclusive luxury woodgrain finish.

We had barely enough time to recover from the Innovus launch before plans were made to introduce an entirely new product. Spirit, an exclusive luxury Woodgrain finish full of movement and contrasting textures debuted in early October in order to enhance our already expanding Innovus Range.

Spirit is primarily marketed as a premium finish with its own unique collection of bespoke Woodgrain décors. It is envisioned as the new standard-bearer of Innovus Decorative Products because its deep structure utilising black pore technology melds seamlessly with the concept of Matching Life. Beyond the appeal of its luxurious and incredibly natural aesthetic, it is easy to both clean and care for as well.

Spirit was launched alongside five additional décors which joined our woodgrains category. These décors included Amber, Aurora, Eclipse, Nevada, and Kingswood. All of which bears a unique stylistic direction from rich and saturated expressions to the dualistic appeal of light and airy vs dark and enticing.

Because of the high-quality application of this particular finish, Spirit will be available for MDF base products only. The Spirit finish, when combined with the five new décors, is envisioned for contemporary high-end interior design projects.

The exclusive Spirit finish and new decorative range of Woodgrains have so far received excellent praise from both our loyal customer base and interior design experts. One of the key attractions of this exceptional finish is the enhancing 3-dimensional effect it achieves as well as the elegance and sophistication of the new complementary products.

Looking to 2022 and beyond

We are exceptionally proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish despite challenges both internal and external. But despite various pressures, we can’t help but look ahead with stifled anticipation to what we’re hoping to achieve in 2022 and beyond. 

Interior design trends exist within an ever-changing spectrum and as such, we are constantly on the move. Aligning with the latest trends both locally and internationally in order to introduce decorative products that create eco-friendly wood-based solutions for both the planet and the people who live on it. 

We are both humbled and inspired by the overwhelming support we have received from those who use and champion our products. From designers, manufacturers, installers and homeowners, we are exceptionally grateful for their appreciation and are committed to continuing to provide them with high-quality products and services.

For more information on our wood-based decorative panels and services, visit us at https://sonaearauco.co.za/