Adding contrast with the Spirit Finish - Sonae Arauco

The all-new Spirit finish, launched under the Innovus decorative products brand, builds upon Sonae Arauco’s concept of Matching Life and complements our existing categories of luxury décors.  

Spirit is best described as an exclusive finish full of movement and contrasting textures that, when combined with Innovus’ new range of premium décors, provides the natural look and feel of real wood. This final touch makes the Spirit finish an exceptional product that defines and expands upon the existing Innovus decorative Products range.

Spirit was launched alongside five enticing new décors. These include Amber, Aurora, Eclipse, Kingswood, and Nevada. Although the Spirit décors are truly unique in their design, when paired with our existing range of impeccable Woodgrains, Fantasies, and Unicolours, they make for excellent combinations which contrast and complement each other for a contemporary look and feel.


Introducing the all-new Spirit décors 

Amber – Light, airy, and perfect for bright open spaces. Amber is a fair and stencilled décor with a unique airbrushed pattern that accents to create a welcoming yet contemporary look and feel.

Aurora – Bearing the sleek patterns of hardwood combined with a mature and greyed colour palette, Aurora enhances the look and feel of modern urban spaces with relative ease.

Eclipse – Inspired by the neutral colour palette of contemporary design, Eclipse bears the hallmark patterns of ebony wood combined with an enticing yet collected dark expression.

Kingswood – A royal delight with a dark and chocolatey colour palette, Kingswood is a splendid décor perfect for vibrant interiors and enhanced by a deep and enticing pattern.

Nevada – Rich in both texture and in the vibrancy of its colour palette, Nevada accentuates a warm and inviting ambience with detailed patterns and a wistful finishing touch.


Mixing and matching Spirit décors using the 3D Simulator

Designed with our customers and ease of use in mind, Sonae Arauco’s 3D Simulator makes it possible for them to explore, contrast, and compare from hundreds of different options when designing a conceptual template of their dream home interior.

The five new Spirit décors are featured alongside a wide range of room templates from kitchens to bathrooms and commercial settings. This creates a perfect canvas to explore the depth of these décors within any given space.

All of our newest additions feature a separate décor tag for ease of use, inspiration and breathtaking decorative designs defined by you are only a click away.


Contrasting Spirit décors with our existing range of Unicolours

Featured in our December mood boards were our favourite complementary and contrasting aesthetics. While designing your dream home interior, why not consider applying some of our preferred combinations listed below? 

  • Matching Nevada with Basalt

These sublime décors are rich in texture and accentuate a warm and enticing look and feel when their colours are combined. Nevada exudes a warm and inviting ambience with detailed patterns and a wistful finishing touch while Basalt adds soothing contrast to the overall aesthetic.

  • Matching Aurora with Shadow Blue

Aurora’s sleek and mature hardwood patterns contrast impeccably with the addition of the cool and fresh colour palette of Shadow Blue. This Unicolour melds effortlessly with the neutral greys. While Aurora enhances the look and feel of modern urban spaces with relative ease, Shadow Blue enhances the overall aesthetic with a homey and inviting look and feel.

  • Matching Eclipse with Vermont Slate

Both Eclipse and Vermont Slate carry the contemporary aesthetic of dark yet enticing colour palettes. While Eclipse adds style and sophistication to modern interiors thanks to enticing stencilled patterns, Vermont Slate darkened tone adds the final touch to the overall look and feel.

  • Matching Amber with Castle Grey

While some décors certainly do a good job at complementing each other, others, such as Amber and Castle Grey, create a striking contrast when combined in both living room and kitchen interiors. Envision the light and airy palette of this new Spirit Woodgrain with the divergent yet perfectly suited neutral.

  • Matching Kingswood with Ebony

Kingswood is a profuse décor that has the ability to express a deep and enticing aesthetic. When combined with the pure black saturation of Ebony, the result simply speaks for itself. Ebony makes for an excellent combination of most decorative Fantasies and Woodgrains yet this matching is the ultimate display of style and sophistication.

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