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Architects introduce paneling to add textures to your spaces

Architects are taking the trend of nature-inspired design one step further by selecting materials that also support energy efficiency like wood-based panels to add tactile-tempting textures to environments.  


Texturing walls

When creating modern inspiring aesthetic building facades, Architects prefer to use melamine coated wood-based panels in large formats for exterior paneling or cladding.  Not only are they an affordable, in vogue design element but they also present a beautiful, unique, visual aspect, and with proper care and treatment their durability will endure. Another advantage of wood-based panels as an exterior material is that, in the event of damage, individual boards can be easily replaced.


Finding focal areas

The addition of focal points in an entrance space can be the key to sophisticated exterior design. Wood-based panels can be used to decorate an entire facade wall or to accentuate and draw attention to selected areas on the wall – like highlighting a building entrance way or the mix-up of wall finishes with exposed brick or other mediums along the facade. Using decorative wood-based panels will create stunning effects and textures when designing exteriors.


Visual versatility using finishes

Choosing your finish for your paneling is as important as the decor, architects factor in all the rooms or buildings elements for example the natural light or lack of light in a space.


At Sonae Arauco, in our Novolam Collection, we offer four different high-quality finishes to the décors on our decorative wood-based panels which each add their own unique touch. 


The Stucco Finish

Stucco is an urban-contemporary style of finish inspired by industrial environments, urban lofts and natural origin materials. It complements more metal and industrial-type designs such as Foundry, Oxyde and Urban Steel décors.


The Silhouette Finish

This is a beautifully linear embossed finish which results in an elegant deep matte effect on the décor creating a highly authentic appearing woodgrain works well with all applications.


The Alpine Finish

This stalwart embossed finish, suitable for most applications, gives an authentic wood-like texture and appearance to our contemporary woodgrains


The Textured Finish

The Textured Finish gives our décors an elegant and smooth surface but still maintains its natural appeal. The versatility of this finish makes it perfect for any and all applications. 


Certain finishes are better suited to specific décors e.g. the richly-coloured Chobe Woodgrain décor, distinguished by its authentically oak-like appearance, is available in two stunning finishes, whether you‘re looking for the naturally appealing smooth surface of our Textured finish or the authentically tactile feel of our linear embossed Silhouette finish.


The different finishes of a décor can also impact what kind of application it can be used for, as certain finishes are better suited to specific applications. 


Whatever your architecture design project entails, you can rest assured that Sonae Arauco has the perfect design to create your desired ambience and finish to create visual intrigue.

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