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Buy boards responsibly

Cheaper is not always better for you or for the environment. In this article we explore why buying rogue boards is not a good idea and how it can have a long term negative impact on the environment. 


What is the meaning of ‘rogue board’?

Rogue boards are boards that have been created by using sub standard environmentally friendly processes. This refers to the sourcing of materials or the process by which the board is created. If wood has not been sustainably sourced then its origin cannot be traced and the wood sourcing can create deforestation. As the emissions process is not managed and controlled by an accredited board it will have a negative impact on climate change and the long term effects on the ozone layer. It is our responsibility to control this.


How can you tell if the boards are not up to standard?
FSC Accreditation

A well-managed forest aids in reducing the impact of pollution and protecting and retaining medicinal products important to human health. As it practises reforestation preserving forests 

for future generations and protects the local community and biodiversity of the forest, it is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). 


In poorly managed forests, loggers extract timber illegally and indiscriminately. All the trees in the forest are cut without concern for its ecosystem, forest regrowth, soil erosion, the local indigenous community or the health of our planet. They have severe health implications and environmental impacts on our planet. Poorly managed forests are not FSC certified.


Ensure any wood or wood product that you buy has the FSC label, designated as a “tick tree” mark. This guarantees that the origin of its wood or paper materials is from FSC-certified forests and indicates the source of any forestry materials used in its manufacturing. Read more here:


Negative Impact on your Health
E1 Certification

Wood-based boards that do not have E1 accreditation could contain harmful amounts of formaldehyde in their resin coating. Formaldehyde is a highly toxic poison which can cause skin and respiratory irritations and dizziness and suffocation. Our boards are E1 certified which indicates they meet the European Panel Industry standards to regulate the amount of free formaldehyde a wood-based panel can emit. Always look for this rating while shopping for wood-based products to protect the health of your family. 


Reforestation practices 

Reforestation is not practised by illegal loggers. Illegal tree felling is not subject to any strict rules – there is no limit imposed on harvesting only an appropriate number of logs only in a particular section and only within a particular time frame. The entire forest is harvested without concern for restoring the health of, or preserving, the forest. Felled trees are not replaced with new plantlings to encourage regrowth of the forest. Insufficient waste is removed increasing the likelihood of more intense fires which can kill all plant and animal life in their paths. Illegal logging is purely about economics and forests are left transformed into large, exposed areas of tree stumps and little vegetation. 


Ecosystem hazards

Illegal logging is decimating forests around the world endangering plant and wildlife species. Rare plant species are threatened, birds lose their treetop protection, nesting places, food and their migratory pathways and the natural habitat of wildlife is removed.


Soil erosion

Poorly managed logging sites cause soil erosion when trees, which naturally anchor the soil on hillsides and river banks, are cut leaving the hillsides to subside and soil runoff to flood rivers and streams. Undeveloped roads are used by large trucks to transport the logs, often leaving deep ruts and causing further soil erosion.


Planet health

As trees improve the quality of air by removing copious amounts of pollution and plants absorb greenhouse gases, destruction of forests may encourage global warming. When forests are cleared, the land is exposed to high temperatures and harsh weather conditions. Wildfires occur more frequently due to this climate change with their smoke creating much pollution. Wood is a renewable, eco-friendly product which requires less energy for recycling than other materials like steel. It has worldwide versatile uses but as illegal loggers don’t replace harvested trees with new plantlings, forests are not being preserved for future generations


Community welfare

The living conditions of the local indigenous community are negatively impacted. Some have been living there for decades and are totally dependent on the forest having collected their food, building materials, firewood and medicinal plants from it for years. They lose control over their land, the loggers arrive, the locals are powerless to intervene and no longer have any say in the management of the logging site. Locals who are employed in the logging process are not provided with proper health and safety protection or sufficient job training or supervision. The trees are not felled under strict safety conditions putting their lives at risk. 


Be a responsible consumer by buying boards from reputable suppliers like Sonae Arauco. Our company motto, ‘taking wood further’ is entrenched into our mission by sourcing wood chips from reputable sources and following the international standards for emissions.


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