Celebrating 1 year of Innovus - Sonae Arauco

Innovus is the international decorative product brand under Sonae Arauco South Africa that was initially inspired by how everything around us becomes part of who we are. To us, Innovus is about going forward, but not forgetting the past. It is about matching our roots and our nature with the most innovative and fresh decorative offerings. In essence, defining the concept of Matching life.

Innovus was launched in May 2021, in South Africa during an online digital launch alongside Covid-friendly regional open days. While Novolam was our flagship brand for decorative solutions for many years, we took the opportunity to leverage our global position as the decorative solution of choice, under the Innovus Decorative Products brand. 

This move would enhance and uplift our existing Unicolour, Woodgrain, and Fantasies categories to interior designers and industry professionals alike. Shortly after, Spirit, a brand new and exclusive finish, was launched in October 2021, in a similar vein. 


Before we had even realised it, Innovus quickly reached its 1 year anniversary, giving us an opportunity to properly introduce this flagship brand to the public at large. 

After unveiling two major launches in 2021 alone, our new focus was to shift from introducing entirely new products and pivot towards showcasing our existing brand and product offerings. Marking 2022 as the year of the Innovus Roadshow, our marketing teams have been travelling the country, hosting and attending various events in order to create more awareness of our international brand.

Part of our success in the industry is due to the various affiliations and partnerships we have made along the way. To date, we have been attending interior design and industry showcases almost every week, meeting with clients and members of the public, in order to ignite fresh enthusiasm for the direction of our wood-based industry and presenting new ways to engage with our product.

Innovus – May 2021

Exactly one year ago, Innovus, our global brand, was introduced to the South African market, replacing our Novolam collection and aligning both local and international interior design trends. Alongside Innovus, a new décor was introduced to each one of our three categories.

Elmina – forming part of the Fantasies category, Elmina is a bespoke design featuring subtle patterns offering a more refined look thanks to its unimposing neutrals.

Sanctuary – joining our Woodgrains category, Sanctuary is a stunning display of some of the finest woodlike designs defined by the texture of the Silhouette finish.

Castle Grey – a new addition to our Unicolours, Castle Grey provided the perfect answer for 2021’s Pantone colour of the year. These additions were featured on the refreshed website and Innovus app

Spirit – October 2021

Our second launch in October featured the release of a brand new Finish. Spirit, primarily marketed as a premium finish with its own unique collection of bespoke Woodgrain décors, was our next step in the evolution of Matching Life. Alongside the launch of the new finish, 5 new décors were added to our Woodgrain category.

Amber – light, airy, and perfect for bright open spaces. Amber is a fair and stencilled décor with a unique airbrushed pattern that accents to create a welcoming yet contemporary look and feel.

Aurora – bearing the sleek patterns of hardwood combined with a mature and greyed colour palette, Aurora enhances the look and feel of modern urban spaces with relative ease.

Nevada – rich in both texture and in the vibrancy of its colour palette, Nevada accentuates a warm and inviting ambience with detailed patterns and a wistful finishing touch.

Eclipse – inspired by the neutral colour palette of contemporary design, Eclipse bears the hallmark patterns of ebony wood combined with an enticing yet collected dark expression.

Kingswood – A royal delight with a dark and chocolatey colour palette, Kingswood is a splendid décor perfect for vibrant interiors and enhanced by a deep and enticing pattern.

Where we’re heading

Looking towards the future, Innovus will continue to add value to interior projects, with our versatile and innovative décors complementing your designs in home, office, and retail spaces.

Innovus allows us to have a seamless vision, granting us the opportunity to continue to offer a stronger, expansive decorative collection on a global scale. In the midst of creating connections with our customers, we have found opportunities to merge digital and physical events.

This is tailored to event registrations, engaging social media content, and competitions for guests at our regional open days. 

As a prospective or existing client, Sonae Arauco would like to thank everyone who has joined us along the journey toward making Innovus a household name.

For more information on our wood-based decorative panels and services, visit us at https://sonaearauco.co.za/