Celebrating the vital role of our employees at Sonae Arauco. -

May marks a specific month where we take the opportunity to recognise and highlight the major contributions made by the vast workforce which represents a company’s success. Worker’s Day is a celebration of the courage and sacrifices made by the working class who fought for better wages and working conditions. 

In the spirit of recognising the importance of Worker’s day, Sonae Arauco is committed to the concept of “Taking people further” and providing both safe and efficient working conditions as well as an opportunity to grow in their careers. We take a closer look at the various initiatives and company ethics that work to enhance the lives of our valuable workforce.

Sonae Arauco – Taking People Further

Because of the nature of our industry and the scope of our reach, Sonae Arauco often directly impacts the communities in close proximity to our plants and offices. Adding to their development and providing resources for growth through various learning, development, and wellness initiatives is part of our corporate ethos.

Educating the communities our employees come from is undertaken through a process that seeks to inform them on the importance of adopting ethical behavioural practices by promoting and encouraging social responsibility. This is due to the fact that our business is directly connected to the use of natural resources and as such, protecting the environment is core to who we are.

Training and Skills Development

We have paid special attention to upskilling our employees to improve the collaboration between technology and people in our workplace. Not only are our employees trained to become proficient in their job through learning new skills but their general technical prowess is also enhanced. Removing this barrier that many of our employees face ensures that they are more attentive at work each day and now relish their interaction with the latest technological advancements. 

Part of providing better access is attained through listening to and understanding what our employees need. Through their feedback and interactions, we grow as a company, as they grow as individuals. Essentially, this approach optimises solutions within the production cycle and aligns the skills empowerment of our employees with their own development.

Beyond a comprehensive approach to vital skills, soft skills training for our employees is designed to give them the edge and be more mindful when interacting with our clients. Learning how to apply astute soft skills will improve their ability to be adept in extracting an in-depth understanding of what our clients need, their business requirements, and promoting our desire to create wood-lasting partnerships. 

The skills that our employees learn are vital to their career enhancement whether they are part of our corporate family or whether they seek career opportunities elsewhere. We ensure that what they are taught remains with them for life.

Promoting Health and Safety at work

Creating a work environment that is both pleasant and safe is vital to ensuring your workers feel respected and valued within a business. At Sonae Arauco, we guarantee the personal safety and comfort of all our employees. All company activities are governed and subject to a preventative approach in relation to the management of safety, hygiene and health within the workspace. 

We promote this approach in the following sectors:

  • Risk reduction and control to prevent incidents, accidents, injuries and occupational diseases.
  • Safety in the factories and workplaces in general, including all equipment.
  • Employee training and commitment to ongoing improvement in all these processes.

A commitment to ongoing innovation in skills development

Innovation in the workplace is a major driver of business and sustainable solutions. It can significantly change people’s lives and enrich society. Bridging the divide between people and business has proved highly successful for Sonae Arauco. 

We continually seek new innovative opportunities and will continue to champion skill development that advances our company and our people.

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