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Creating, inspiring cohesion in the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom

If there was a single rule to design and interior decor then that would be cohesion. The ability to create flow and measure how style is present in your home is part of keeping up with global trends. Something to consider is that your home doesn’t need to be exactly symmetrical, but that a combination of different design aspects create a theme unique to you. Our Novolam range and our various design and application uses have pioneered interior design trends.


Integrating modern trends

You’ve chosen the type of wood-based decorative panel you require, now you need to add the right final touches to your design

Our Novolam collection highlights the most popular trends of home dècor and comes in a variety of textured finishes:

Integrating these designs into a standardised look for your home is important for keeping a central theme. Contrast this with the application of our Unicolour: Windsor Grey combined with our most popular Woodgrain: Terra Nova. This match is ideal for carrying the soothing appeal of matching life that we strive for. Experiment with the subtle combination of Washed Shale and White to evoke the balance of modern living


Enhancing depth through texture

Sonae Arauco’s wood-based decorative boards are designed to match the ebbs and flows of modern life. This is why each of our four Novolam finishes have a unique and specific look and feel.

  • Stucco – a highly tactile surface inspired by industrial environments, urban lofts and natural origin materials.
  • Silhouette – With its linear embossed finish provides a deep-matte effect, creating a highly authentic wood grain. Perfect for all applications.
  • Alpine – A stalwart embossed finish, bringing wood grains to life. Suitable for most applications.
  • Textured – Provides a smooth surface that is great for all environments, whilst maintaining its natural appeal. Ideal for all applications.

With the perfect design in mind, you’ll be able to combine our state-of-the-art production flexibility and functionality with the world’s foremost decor and design trends.

Sonae Arauco has partnered with a variety of affiliates that are keyed into specific decorative finishes and offer expertise to help broaden what we can offer you as the customer and designer. Interior design made easier with all concepts under one roof. 

Our affiliates take your inspiration and design vision further.


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