Design at a distance: how you can use Sonae Arauco’s 3D simulator to choose your dream design - Sonae Arauco

Design at a distance: how you can use Sonae Arauco’s 3D simulator to choose your dream design 

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown have forced many people to re-evaluate how they do things – whether it’s from working at home to ordering their groceries online. This global move towards digitalisation has also spread to other sectors, including interior design.

When it comes to designing under lockdown, interior designers and homeowners alike are faced with a problem – how do you conceptualise the design of a space from a distance? Well, the answer lies in innovative creations such as Sonae Arauco’s 3D simulator, a state-of-the-art feature which enables people to design and visualise a space remotely.

Sonae Arauco’s 3D simulator was designed with two main factors in mind – to give our customers an easy to use, fully integrated design experience on both our app and web platforms and to showcase our range of products in an interactive and innovative manner. Whether you’re designing a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room or even offices, having the ability to remotely conceptualise and visualise how our range of wood-based decorative products fit into your vision is invaluable – especially now that companies and people are required to observe lockdown regulations.

How our 3D simulator works:

Our 3D simulator was created to be as easy to use as possible and to give our customers, whether homeowners, designers, carpenters and cabinet makers the opportunity to explore and choose from hundreds of different options when designing and creating a realistic replica of what their space looks like and how our different products would fit into their designs.

  •   Upon opening our 3D simulator you will be able to select the room or area you’re wanting to visualise, whether you’re looking to design a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, offices, hotels and spas, health and wellness facilities or retail stores and restaurants.
  •   Once you have chosen the relevant room or area, you will be able to browse through multiple pre-designed examples of these spaces until you find one that matches or is similar to the design you have in mind, in order to give you a more accurate representation of what your space would look like when you try out our various décor products.
  •   From there you will be able to manually add our range of décor products and finishes to a number of different features within the room, such as cabinets, cupboards, furniture, accent walls, etc.
  •   You will be able to choose from our selection of décor products, from our Unicolours to Fantasies all from the Novolam Collection
  •   From there you can mix and match the décors and compare different designs until you find one that you prefer.
  •   Once you have created and finalised a design that you like you can either download or print it.

So, if you’re looking for a great way to embrace your inner designer and get your creative juices flowing by re-designing a room or two  – all from the comfort of your home – you can visit our website and view our state of the art 3D simulator here: or download our Novolam App.