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Designing for impact: Kitchens- Part 1

Jun 19, 2024 | Designing For Impact, Interior Design Trends, Kitchen Interior Design Trends, News

The creative economy encompasses industries and activities that generate and utilise knowledge and information, driving economic growth through creativity, innovation, and cultural engagement and shaping how we live and work in the interior design landscape. 

This dynamic sector encourages innovation and emphasises the importance of designing for impact. The latest interior design trends are at the forefront of this transformation, redefining our kitchens, bedrooms, and open-plan living spaces. 

As we explore these trends in a four-part article series, we’ll examine the significance of past influences merged with contemporary styles to create timeless designs. Sonae Arauco’s Innovus exemplifies these evolving trends, adhering to dynamic design trends while capturing the essence of both urban and natural life.

Innovus – Then and Now

Innovus has evolved considerably since its inception as a leading brand in sustainable wood-based decorative solutions. The key has always been the desire to reflect the world inhabited by people within our design, matching life to our interior spaces. A blend of the somewhat chaotic nature of urban life juxtaposed with the serenity of natural living has been at the heart of the Matching Life ethos.

Our designs emphasise impactful aesthetics that incorporate personal touches with functional and sustainable elements. Our latest collection of woodgrains was purposefully designed to create a lasting impression, enhance one’s mood, and bring one closer to the aspects of life they are most attuned to.

Innovus Woodgrains Collection

Andu Wood is one of four new designs joining our Woodgrains category, meticulously crafted to infuse one’s kitchen with natural, harmonious, and inviting elements, making a lasting impact. Its herringbone hybrid design combines traditional charm with modern elegance, offering a versatile aesthetic perfect for indoor applications, seamlessly blending with various styles and settings.

French Echo epitomises impactful kitchen design, blending classic charm with modern sensibility. Its restrained colour variation ensures exceptional versatility, enhancing any interior space’s aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Karlstad Oak masterfully bridges the gap between rustic charm and modern elegance, making it perfect for those seeking a nostalgic yet versatile kitchen design. It is an all-rounder that embodies the essence of oak, adding a cosy look and feel to any kitchen space.

Medieval Oak beautifully captures the diverse essence of natural oak, making it a standout choice for impactful kitchen design. With its well-defined origin and meticulous craftsmanship, this décor exemplifies the authentic beauty of oak. It goes beyond classic elegance, creating a distinctive and recognisable image that enhances the appeal of any kitchen.

Kitchen cupboard trends

Modern kitchen design is evolving from utilitarian, cluttered spaces to sleek, aesthetically pleasing environments seamlessly blending with living areas. A key trend in achieving this transformation is the concealment of appliances. Hidden appliances enhance the visual appeal, creating a cleaner, more cohesive look and offering many potential design possibilities. They can be integrated into cabinetry and designed to match the overall decor, making kitchens more functional and beautiful.

Popular options for hidden appliances include built-in microwaves, panelled refrigerators, and dishwashers that blend with surrounding cabinets. Small appliances like coffee makers and toasters can be tucked away in pull-out drawers or appliance garages. For the design-savvy, features like downdraft hoods and integrated sinks further enhance the streamlined look. While the visual benefits are clear, practical considerations such as accessibility, proper ventilation, and budget should be considered.

Matching nature into the kitchen

Natural kitchen design is a growing and impactful trend that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor aesthetics by using raw materials like wood, stone, and plant life. This approach enhances kitchens’ visual appeal and functionality and promotes a connection to nature. Elements like natural lighting, open-plan layouts, and greenery bring life and tranquillity to the heart of the home, providing a more inviting and eco-friendly kitchen aesthetic.

The value of kitchen renovations 

Kitchen renovations significantly improve home value by meeting the functional needs of your household and appealing to potential buyers. Impactful design elements, such as natural materials, hidden storage functions, and sustainable practices, create a visually appealing and highly functional kitchen. This approach aligns with the principles of the creative economy, which emphasises the value of creativity and innovation in enhancing your home’s aesthetic and economic aspects.

Well-designed kitchen renovations offer a high return on investment, so it’s always a good call to start when considering a move. Minor kitchen remodels can yield an impressive 98.5% return, while significant upgrades offer substantial returns.

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