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The times have changed rapidly from the seemingly simpler days of 2019. Covid, economic hardship, and a general trend towards improving one’s well-being have dramatically shifted how we consider office spaces.

While working from home is nothing new, the advent of social distancing has fast-tracked the process as more and more people are seeing the benefits of combining their professional and personal lifestyles. Because of this, businesses that are now operated from home require a workspace to replicate the efficiency of an office environment

Going forward, we take a look at different sorts of workspaces around the house that suit the career you’ve chosen to help inspire a home workspace that best suits you.

Selecting your home workspace

A space to wake up, to dress up, and to quickly jump onto the next Zoom or Teams call

Think about the sort of requirements your home workspace needs based on your career. Let’s consider a few examples. Say you’re a freelance photographer or journalist; you’ll probably have converted a spare room to a studio, darkroom or home office. If you’re more of a hands-on sort of person then your workspace will likely be your garage or storeroom on the property. As such, workspace requirements will vary depending on your career path and how you personally operate.

If you’re pressed for space, using a portion of another room like your bedroom, dining room, or even your kitchen makes for adequate working space. Despite the obvious benefits, working from home can be rather distracting. Whichever the case, you need to consider a space that works best for you and keeps your focus where you need it. 

If you need a quiet place to work then it might be more beneficial to find a secluded area. If that’s beyond your home environment then noise-canceling headphones or scheduling your work for quieter times will help you keep your focus where it needs to be. 

Desk and seating options

As remote working has increased, so has the demand for a well-considered workspace using eco-friendly materials.

As one would expect from the office, a workspace needs a comfortable layout to allow you to be as efficient and focused as possible. A desk or table combined with a comfortable chair that offers you good posture is vital. Keep your workspace clutter-free to ensure that there is space for your documents, laptop, and stationery. 

For those of us who need to be in a different environment or like the appeal of working outdoors, the functional appeal of a hanging balcony table is perfect for the career conscious individual on the move.

If you’re looking to create a traditional ergonomic office space at home, then sourcing the right chair is perhaps the most important decision you can make. Sustainable swivel chairs that offer back support and freedom of movement are the most useful in terms of function, style, and comfort.

Organising your office space

Envision a workspace that is productive, comfortable, and hygienic.

From storage containers to colour coded filing systems, there are plenty of ways to organise your workspace as you would in the office. At home, you’re required to seek out the sort of equipment that is generally readily available within that space. As such, you need to be aware of how that system works as you’re starting from scratch.

Consider what you spend the most time doing. Are you staring at a screen 90% of the day? Most of the time, we are practically unaware of the damage extended screen time can have on us physically and mentally. 

To reduce unnecessary strain, make sure that your screen is perfectly level with your head and directly in front of you. Make sure there’s at least 45cm to 75cm from your eyes. Be sure to always take regular breaks in order to avoid eye strain.

Make sure you have access to waste disposal bins and wash your hands thoroughly each time you leave and come back into your workspace.

Good hygiene also plays a vital role. To ensure that your workspace remains clean and hygienic at all times make sure that you wipe your desk once a day and refrain from eating in the same space. If you’re building an entirely new workspace then choose between Sonae Arauco’s NovoGold and NovoGold MR substrates that are suitable for almost any office space application. 

Useful tips on time management

Time isn’t the main thing, it’s the ONLY thing.

While you’re working from home, you’re most likely expected to manage your own time and responsibilities. Because working from home presents its own set of challenges, sticking to the same routine as you did while at the office is one of the best ways to keep your mind aligned with your professional responsibilities. 

This means waking up at the same time, doing the same things to prepare, and even dressing professionally to provide yourself with a psychological boost and motivate you to stay focused. Explore ideas such as productivity apps on your phone and treat your free time as if you’re in a meeting.

One of the biggest distractions is social media usage. Be sure to minimize those distractions while maintaining an honest and open dialogue with your manager about what you’ve been working on. 

Lastly, you need to set boundaries that can only be crossed once your workday is complete. Examples include keeping devices such as your tv off during working time and avoid mixing in home-based responsibilities like daily chores. 

Your workspace, although within your home, needs to be a space apart.

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