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Establishing interior trends in modest spaces

Living in modestly sized spaces may seem rather limiting from an interior design perspective, but that’s exactly where the challenge lies. Part of the fun of designing your own space is coming up with clever solutions to existing obstacles.


Creating the illusion of space

Before looking at your accessories, consider the surrounding walls and architecture. Opt for a Pure White or Castle Grey Unicolour for your wood-based decorative panels with a stucco finish and complement this with glossy white wall tiles or lacquered white wall paint. The softness of the colour and the textured appeal will create a reflective look and feel for your walls which will bring more light and add depth to your room.


Being Resourceful

We’ve established the basics of creating the look and feel of larger spaces, now it’s time to consider what sort of accessories and furniture you need. Bulky furniture is an instant no, so consider multifunctional uses for your existing accessories. Use a chair as a side table for your bedroom, rid yourself of your huge dining room table and instead opt for smaller round ones, and consider using a daybed that can double as couches for your living room or bedroom. The personal benefits of a space unique to you creates a warm and inviting appeal for friends and family. Smaller spaces lend to an intimate and inviting atmosphere when combined with your distinctive touch.

Interesting ideas for storage include making the most out of your wardrobe space. Modern living in big cities often see people utilising the extra space available by fitting in appliances like washing machines and dryers to create a compact and versatile “laundry room.” Utilise accessories like storage nooks to make the most of every ich in your home too. Don’t be afraid of heights either! Those above-the-cupboard alcoves and crannies are great spots for a more permanent stow-away solution. Of course, a tried and true storage area is that space beneath your bed!  

Did you know that establishing specified zones can also fool the eye into believing that a space is larger than it is? Perhaps you don’t have an actual room to call a bedroom? Create a sleeping, living, or entertainment zone by hanging ceiling-high curtains or suspend a large floating picture to demarcate specified sections. 

If you have the budget for it, drywalling is possibly the best way to go. Not only will you be able to properly section off rooms, but you can add style and class with custom sliding doors to complement the look. 


Tiny green spaces are the future

You may be surprised to learn that there is a movement inspired by sustainable living practices that motivate the idea of living in tiny homes. There are actually numerous unseen benefits to this kind of lifestyle. A few of these include:

  • Reduced waste: a minimalistic and simple way of living. The antidote to the nightmare of hoarding.
  • Use of sustainable building materials: incorporates the use of green efficient materials like Sonae Arauco’s decorative wood-based panels and various other solid wood alternatives.
  • Energy efficient: When living in tiny spaces you require far less energy to keep your space warm, alight, and functioning.
  • An option for a life “Off the grid”: take advantage of living out of bounds and install solar panels and be sure to make use of eco-friendly waste disposal strategies like composting.

The stated goal of living a less than extravagant lifestyle isn’t about trying to exist outside of a shoebox, but to change our relationship towards the concept of “wanting more and better stuff.” The idea is to instil an attitude of less is more, and to consider aspects such as space, the materials we use, and our finances to ensure a healthy and positive impact on our lifestyles and the environment.

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