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Exploring our connection to the Green Building Council

Mar 3, 2022 | News

In order to achieve the quality and service-driven goals that we are renowned for, Sonae Arauco works closely with a number of affiliates and regulatory bodies. In previous articles in the series, we have paid special attention to sustainability and ethical business practices. In this next part of the series, we take a look at the Green Building Council, who they are, and how they work with manufacturers in the business chain.

What is the Green
Building Council (GBCSA)?

Referred to as the Green Building Council of South Africa, the GBC works with its various members and affiliates to inspire building and interior design trends which allows both people and the planet to thrive. 

The GBC represents one of 75 international members who form part of the World Green Building Council and is committed to the sustainable development of building and construction projects within the commercial, residential, and public sectors. With a combined influence that stretches across the globe, the GBC is able to drive competitive, viable, and professional membership advantages to its various affiliates.

Members receive increased exposure to industry experts both at home and abroad thanks to their development of a platform for advocacy, training, and certification.

What they do for you

The GBC works to provide credible and objective measurements for sustainable building projects in South Africa. Their main contribution is to provide certification through a process governed by both external and internal rating tools. 

These tools include Green Star, Net Zero, EWP, and EDGE rating tools which govern the technical process of accreditation. Each one of these tools is recognised as a symbol for achievable and sustainable building goals.

Their comprehensive suite of system ratings offers insight into just about any green building direction you can think of. The certification they provide creates a universal platform for credible and objective measurements for sustainable building practice.

Regardless of the project, there is a rating tool designed to cover new developments to existing homes, buildings, interior design fittings, and beyond.

Why our membership is important

Sonae Arauco is committed to the utilisation of raw materials and remains an international benchmark of forestry management, ethical work practice throughout our industrial plants and commercial settings, and the importance of environmental responsibility. 

With a reach of over 80 countries internationally, we have increased and enhanced our industry practice through permanent, dedicated research. As such, Sonae Arauco applies the best global practises in relation to sustainability and conservation of trees, soil, and biodiversity of the forested areas for future generations.

Because of our strong corporate mandate, we are committed to working with and alongside industry standard-bearers such as the Green Building Council of South Africa.

Sonae Arauco’s affiliation with GBCSA emphasises our commitment to developing products for sustainably managed building practises throughout South Africa. We work to inspire global markets both internally and externally, creating a better life, a better future, and a better planet.

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