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Giving back this Mandela Day

Aug 7, 2023 | News

Diepsloot, Sonae Arauco, in collaboration with Wot-If? Trust and the Healing Africa Foundation have unveiled an exciting initiative to support early childhood development centres in Diepsloot by donating shelving and shop fittings to display existing and additional toys for their toy library. We have enabled teachers from informal crèches to exchange toys regularly, thus enhancing lesson plans and improving educational and cognitive learning for the young children in the community.

The toy library concept, initiated by Wot-If? Trust empowers teachers to provide a dynamic and engaging learning environment for the children. By regularly swapping out toys, which are useful as teaching aids, the centres can diversify their resources, fostering creativity and stimulating the children’s cognitive growth.

Abanqobi Drop-in Centre and the White River Initiative

Sonae Arauco, in its commitment to the local communities where it operates in White River, Mpumalanga, joined forces with the Abanqobi Drop-in Centre based in Msholozi informal settlement (Rocky’s Drift), making a meaningful impact.

They generously donated three boxes of previously loved clothes to support the 110 children, aged 4 to 18, under the organisation’s care. In addition to providing meals and a haven, Abanqobi assists the children with homework and ensures that vulnerable and orphaned children receive the clothing they need.

This Mandela Day, Sonae Arauco hosted children from the local Early Childhood Development Centre, organising a vibrant music and learning session facilitated by HappyBeats, where the children were taught counting through drumming and visual aids.

The event also marked the official unveiling of the toy library. Sonae Arauco believes that this contribution to the community is a significant step towards meeting the pressing needs of the area. The company is committed to continuously investing in similar projects to make a lasting difference.

Working closely with Wot-If? Trust and the Healing Africa Foundation, Sonae Arauco continues its commitment to social development and enterprise projects. The Healing Africa Foundation facilitated the project management and supported Sonae Arauco in their social and enterprise endeavours.

About The Wot-If? Trust

The Wot-IF? Trust prioritises the development of women and youth, education and entrepreneurship through various community programs designed and based on the expressed needs of the community through stakeholder engagement. Their approach revolves around inclusive stakeholder engagement, ensuring the community is involved in every decision-making stage, design, monitoring and evaluation.

The Healing Africa Foundation

The Healing Africa Foundation has identified the significant challenges faced by the people of South Africa and throughout the continent. The foundation provides solutions to make the most significant positive impact possible. They align themselves with the National Development Plans established and strive to make changes to eliminate poverty and enhance equality among all people.

Combating Gender-Based Violence

In recent years, Sonae Arauco has been actively involved in various initiatives to address critical social issues. Last year, we participated in a gender-based violence program, empowering young women who had previously been victims of GBV by teaching them how to avoid and escape from potentially dangerous situations while being more aware and perceptive of their surroundings.

Enterprise Development

In 2022, Sonae Arauco launched an enterprise development program to support previously disadvantaged black South Africans. Through this program, carpenters receive training in financial literacy, business acumen, and ongoing support, ultimately improving their financial development and fostering sustainable businesses. The Tshala Hub, known for its plant cultivation and growth initiatives, has been a pivotal component of this program.

Faith Moliea from Mokwe Carpentry Solutions was instrumental in constructing the toy library. Using donated boards from Sonae Arauco, Faith Moliea crafted the cabinetry for the toy displays, contributing to the project’s success.