How to create cohesion throughout your home’s décor - Sonae Arauco

How to create cohesion throughout your home’s décor 

When it comes to interior decorating, ensuring that there is a measure of cohesion that is present throughout the décor of a home can help make the design feel effortless and create a flow from room to room. Creating cohesion in a home doesn’t necessarily mean that everything needs to match or even that you need to follow one singular style, rather it’s about tying together different elements to create a feeling or mood that is present throughout the home.

There are a number of ways in which you can achieve a cohesive feel throughout the home:

Look at the house as a whole

When tackling the interior design of a home, it’s easy to get wrapped up with decorating one room at a time but this can ultimately affect how the home flows from room to room. When embarking on designing or redecorating the interior of a home, rather look at the home as a whole and how you can use décor to create consistency, instead of decorating each individual room separately which can create a disjointed feel.

Decide on a style groundwork

When approaching the decorating of a home, think about how you want it to look and feel and what mood it should invoke. Once you have established this, pick a style – or styles – that best capture this look and feel and use them as the groundwork for your décor, in order to create a common thread that features throughout the home. You can use this style groundwork as the basis for your décor and designs by incorporating elements of it throughout the home. Be careful not to mix too many or contrasting styles in the home as they may clash and create a cluttered feeling.

Choose your colours wisely

An excellent way to create a cohesive space is to choose your colour palettes carefully. You could achieve this by choosing a neutral base colour for the walls and ceiling of the home, along with a number of additional accent colours based on your own personal taste. Not every wall needs to be the exact same colour but try to avoid using colours that may clash with one another. Having a single base colour scheme for the home will create consistency, while the addition of mixed and matched accent colours will ensure that each room has its own personality. You can incorporate the accent colours throughout the home’s décor, whether in the furniture, bedding, scatter cushions, art, accent walls, rugs, backsplash tiles or just trinkets, to tie together different rooms without everything having to match exactly. You can use these accent colours as little or as much as you want depending on the space and your own personal taste.


Lighting is an excellent way to create cohesion in a home’s interior, which you can do by making sure you have the same or similar lighting fixtures throughout the house, especially in corresponding rooms (such as all the bedrooms or all the bathrooms). You should also aim for consistency in the type of lightbulbs you choose, if you’re opting for warm lights or brighter lights, make sure all of your light fittings throughout your house have the same lightbulbs to create a cohesive mood.

Handles, finishes and fittings

Try and install similar handles, fittings and finishes that complement the style of the home in all the rooms. Door, cabinet and cupboard handles, along with metal finishes, window fittings and any other fittings will all contribute towards consistency even if you don’t immediately notice them. Ensuring your handles, fittings and finishes are similar in style, colour, design or placement is another (albeit small) way to create cohesion in a home.

Flooring matters

Having consistent flooring throughout a home goes a long way towards creating a more cohesive look and feel. This does not necessarily mean every single room in the house needs to have the same flooring, rather it could mean choosing matching tiles for all the bathrooms, matching floors for the bedrooms and living areas and kitchen flooring that complements the overall style, rather than having a different type of flooring in every single room. Choose only a few flooring options that complement each other as this will create a cohesive flow from room to room.

Incorporate some greenery

Adding greenery to the rooms in a home – from the kitchen, to the bathrooms, bedrooms and living areas – is a great way to tie everything together and create a common thread in a home.

Creating a cohesive style of décor in a home’s interior may seem like a massive task that requires a lot of work. However, if you take these key elements into account and are confident in the mood or style you want to create in the home, then with a few changes and additions here or there, you will be able to create a style which flows effortlessly from room to room.