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Human-centric Innovation


While Sonae Arauco is a dominant brand in the global and local wood-based panel industry with a fully-automated and highly-engineered manufacturing plant in South Africa, for us it’s all about human-centric innovation. For it’s our people, and technology, who drive our business and wood further.


Human-centric Processes

Being human-centric is core to our internal business processes and how we engage with our clients.


The long-term relationships we have established with our clients and suppliers are highly prized and our fervent wish is that they continue and strengthen. We endeavour at all times to provide our clients with superior products and exceptional services. We support our suppliers who provide us with quality sustainable products to impress. 


We believe in our people, their wellbeing and safety is our biggest priority. We support their personal and professional development as much as possible, provide regular training and encourage and welcome their active participation and bright ideas in improving our company’s progress and development.


We also support local farmers and the communities we are involved in to support government with local economic growth and small business development. 


Technological advancements

With advancements on automation within the industry, we are preserving the global practice of sustainable forestry practices within the production cycle as well as our 200 million rand investment into our new Dieffenbacher press. 


We will be waiting with much anticipation and interest for the advent of The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) in South Africa. 4IR is innovative technology that claims to enhance the relationship between humans and machines and includes revolutionary technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. 


Assuredly countless new solutions will emerge that will change our world. We look forward to researching and exploring how 4IR can be incorporated into our production cycle, without comprising our ethics and values, for the betterment of our processes, employees and our company. 


Human and tech collaboration

We have been concentrating on upskilling our employees to improve the collaboration between technology and humans in our workplace. Not only are our employees becoming proficient in their job skills but their general technical skills are also being enhanced. Now that they no longer fear technology, they are more eager at work each day and now relish their interaction with technology. We are also learning from them – from their reactions and responses.


This has optimised solutions within the production cycle aligning the skills empowerment of our employees with their own development.


Human intervention

Soft skills training for our employees is designed to give them the edge and more comfort when interacting with our clients. Learning how to apply astute soft skills will improve their ability to be adept in extracting an in-depth understanding of what our clients need, their business requirements and promoting our desire to create wood-lasting partnerships. 


Our company values

We uphold our company values in all our business dealings. We aim to provide sustainable wood-based solutions that improve modern quality of life and to be the wood brand choice of clients, employees, suppliers and communities. Our everyday dream is to take our clients’ ambitions further by offering an attractive combination of industrial expertise, functionality, sustainable quality, design and price. Our purpose is to create wood-based solutions for a better life, a better future and a better planet.


Ongoing innovation

Innovation in the workplace is a major driver to business and sustainable solutions. It can significantly change people’s lives and enrich society. Bridging the divide between humans and technology has already proved highly successful for us and has changed what was feared into what has now been comfortably adopted and embraced. We continually seek new innovative opportunities and will willingly champion technology developments that advance our company and our people. Let the innovations we implement continue to inspire and change the world for Sonae Arauco, our clients, our employees and our suppliers.


Being human-centric is core to our business. We will continue our search for new innovative opportunities to upskill and advance the professional and personal development and safety of our people for they drive our company forward.


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