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Innovus – a new revolution in home décor trends for South Africa


After months of planning, suggestive sneak peeks dropped here and there, and various features hinting at its arrival, Innovus Decorative Products has finally reached the South African interior design market.


Innovus is here


Innovus was launched both live and on a virtual platform to hundreds of viewers and attendees. The cross-country event was first hosted on an online platform on May 5th. It was here that Innovus was introduced by Michelle Quintao, Marketing Director of Sonae Arauco – Portugal and then presented with a keynote speech by Paul Lerios, Product and Communication Manager at Sonae Arauco – South Africa.


The online event officially opened the launch for physical show days that were hosted in four cities around the country. Starting with Capetown from the 4th – 6th at the Building Centre, followed by open days hosted in Pretoria at SHF on the 11th and at the SMEG in both Johannesburg and Durban (13th & 18th of May) respectively.


Launch attendees were introduced to Innovus and allowed to view Sonae Arauco’s latest décors, affiliated product offerings, and enjoy tea and snacks at their leisure.


Our journey so far…


In November of 2019, Sonae Arauco unveiled an R220 Million investment in Mpumalanga, expanding massively on the existing White River plant. The expansion was part of a strategy to increase the production efficiency of our wood-based decorative panels which was spearheaded by the installation of a new Dieffenbacher melamine line.


This further bolstered production and laid the foundation for Innovus to be launched in SA. Thus Sonae Arauco was positioned to introduce new innovative décor designs such as Elmina, joining our Fantasies category; Sanctuary, a stunning Woodgrain, and Castle Grey, a sophisticated and timely Unicolour.


As innovation in décor trends continues to move us forward, so too does the desire to match those trends with new and exciting options for a diverse and discerning customer base.


Sonae Arauco is proud to state that the Innovus launch was a resounding success and paves the way for prosperous future endeavours in the wood-based industry at large.


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