Latest trends when Incorporating Innovus wood-based boards into your décor design 2022 - Sonae Arauco

As an expert in the field of interior design, you are no doubt fully aware that there is a balance between sticking to the latest trends, and retaining classical designs that have timeless appeal. Fortunately, with the comprehensive design applications of Innovus Decorative Products, you are spoiled for choice.

Innovus Decorative Products by Sonae Arauco offers a premium selection of décors to match the home interiors of both natural and urban design directions. Our designs are perfectly selected to contrast and complement each other in a variety of two-toned combinations.

As a company dedicated to creating inspiring spaces that match the elements of life, we are particularly invested in keeping a finger on the pulse of the latest trends in interior design that are exceedingly popular amongst our extensive client base. From the feedback we’ve received from our various showrooms, we‘ve discovered the trendiest décor match-ups for each room in the home.

Bedroom décor trends

“The combination of Grigio and Vermont Slate is versatile and perfectly suited for living rooms, bedroom cabinetry, and kitchen designs.” – Amelia Diedericks, Interior Designer at HUS Living Space, Pretoria

If you visit a local showroom you are most likely to be greeted by a combination of contrasting textures that play into the concept of duality. Combining light shades with darker hues to completely alter the overall appeal of your bedroom is quickly becoming a popular design choice.

However, it’s important to offset this stark contrast by adding additional elements of grey or beige. This is precisely why Grigio (Fantasies) and Vermont Slate (Unicolour) work so well with each other. With its off-white veins mixed into a light grey, Grigio’s stylistic emphasis perfectly complements that of the dark saturation we see in Vermont Slate.

Bathroom décor trends

“In our showroom, a combination of Shadow Blue and Bianco in the textured finish is incredibly trendy right now.” – Tyler Wilson, Owner of Atlas Kitchens Showroom, East Rand.

Some designers tend to believe that a modern bathroom requires a softer approach. While a combination of neutral tones remains incredibly popular, another trending design direction is to add a little bit of colour into the mix.

White and light blue remains a perennial approach to bathroom design. This is because white is a natural hue that is easily balanced by the adaptability of light blue saturations. A combination of Bianco (Fantasies) and Shadow Blue (Unicolour) is perfect for this universally loved colour duo.

Modern and sophisticated, these two exceptional décors paint a picture of freshness.

Kitchen décor trends

“What Innovus has achieved with these darker décors is a complete game-changer.” – Warrick Duffy, Owner of Hidden Beds Showroom, East Rand.

On the opposite end of the design spectrum is a combination of these complementing décors to achieve a sense of unity. As kitchens remain the most important room in the home, a design that makes a statement with a combination of moody and darker tones is quickly becoming a popular design aesthetic. This is why Castle Grey (Unicolour) and Eclipse (Woodgrain), as seen above, work perfectly in tandem with each other.

However, when keeping in alignment with a darker theme, it is important to consider bringing in natural wood tones to provide a slight contrast as well as a stark visual appeal.

A range of trendsetting décors

Innovus Decorative Products brings with it a comprehensive collection of decorative designs within three distinctive categories. Woodgrains, Unicolours and Fantasies. If you’re thinking of exploring combinations with the latest decorative trends to enhance your home interior then consider experimenting with our 3D Simulator or download our app to define an aesthetic that works best for you.

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