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Learn more about the benefits of wood-based panels  

Sonae Arauco is a leading supplier of high quality, decorative wood-based panels ideal for all interior decorating needs and requirements. If you have already used our boards, then you will know how affordable and stylish they are. But let’s learn about the other benefits of wood-based panels.



The world-wide growing concern for the environment has seen a style shift towards nature-oriented interior design elements. We are seeing wood as the material of choice being used for anything from flooring to cladding. 


Our Novolam collection brings in earthy elements giving any living areas a warmer natural feel and offers tantalising new modern look and feel, lovely finishes and fantasies to add texture and dimension to your overall home’s design.


Leatherwood and cotton have been two of our most sought-after décors by our designers and architects. Unicolours like Basalt complemented by a woodgrain like Sahara remind us of the gently rolling desert sand dunes. Another nature-inspired woodgrain is our lighter shaded contemporary oak-like Terra Nova.  Please view our stunning range of options at: https://sonaearauco.co.za/the-novolam-collection/fantasies/


Hygiene & Health 

Our wood-based panels are the perfect hygienic option as they have antibacterial properties. This is thanks to their coating of melamine resin which forms a hard, scratch and moisture resistant surface which prevents dirt particles from sticking to the boards and the reproduction of bacteria.  Our boards are E1 certified which indicates they meet the European Panel Industry standards to regulate the amount of free formaldehyde – a highly toxic poison which can cause skin and respiratory irritations, dizziness and suffocation – a wood-based panel can emit.



Being scratch and abrasion resistant ensures that decorative wood-based panels are both durable and long-lasting making them an excellent choice for rooms and surfaces which are used regularly and where they will be subject to more wear and tear. Another appealing factor is that they are exceptionally easy to clean and maintain, ultimately ensuring that they remain in excellent condition for longer and that you get more value for your money. However, necessary maintenance is important to ensure that your boards don‘t get damaged or worn over time. Read our website here on how to maintain and clean melamine boards



Wood-based decorative panels are exceptionally versatile, offering you a lot of choice in terms of style, colours, textures and finishes as they will complement many different interior design styles and will revolutionise the appearance of any interior living area when applied onto furniture, cabinetry,, shelves and feature walls – whether in a kitchen, bedroom or even an office or restaurant. View our gallery of inspiring applications at:  https://sonaearauco.co.za/applications/bathrooms/


Renewable resource

Sonae Arauco is dedicated to adopting sustainable business practices and protecting the health of our planet which is why we source all our trees from eco-friendly and community conscious forestry partners. The trees grown on these sustainable farms are very efficient at producing high levels of clean oxygen while also absorbing and storing up to 40% of man-made carbon emissions.  


Once the trees have been harvested, the logs are divided according to their width and weight. The smaller logs are sent to the wood-based panel industry, where they are manufactured into our quality particleboard and medium density fibreboard. The larger logs are sent to an approved sawmill to be sheared into sawn wood. Both panels and sawn wood are purchased by furniture companies and component industries that make use of this material.


We receive offcuts from the sawmill and leftovers from the wood-based panel industry for recycling. All the wood which is eligible for recycling is transformed into new panels, while any excess is repurposed. 


This process ensures that each of our wood-based decorative panels is unquestionably created from renewable, recyclable and environmentally-friendly wood providing our valued clients with a quality product and a green choice.  


Consider using our healthy, versatile, durable eco-friendly wood-based boards for your next interior design project to create an enviable office, retail store, or home interior.


For more information on our wood-based decorative panels and services, visit us at: https://sonaearauco.co.za/