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Love Your Home décor

If your home is missing that bit of magic, here are some tips on how to transform your space.


We are spending more time at home now than ever before, so it is important to love your home décor. Your home was where you used to spend quality time with your family but has now more recently morphed into your workplace so it’s time to make it a space you love. 


Refreshing the space 

Refreshing your décor doesn’t necessarily involve large expensive renovations with large building projects. You can start simply by decluttering, removing any unused furniture or paraphernalia and by clearing areas of the floorspace to create a feel of space and neatness. 


Feature focal points to create warmth

Wallpaper and board cladding can instantly create a modern chic design. Once the space is clear of all clutter take a look at which wall could be used as a focal point.


Colour creates mood 

You can update your colour scheme by using modern accessories, striking coloured vases or an interesting pot plant. Choose an on trend colour for your design, 


Layer on the texture 

Soft, earthy, textured throws, cushions and pillows will add cosy and inviting layers to any living area and curtains in flimsy fabrics which float and sway in the breezes will reveal more natural light.


Kitchen CPR 

Revive your space and cupboards with style and sophistication by applying wood based décorative panels on cabinetry, walls and shelves, like our melamine-faced particleboards and medium-density fibreboards. They are an ideal hygienic option in a kitchen as they are durable, scratch and moisture resistant, have antibacterial properties and are easy to clean and sanitise. They are also a green choice, being eco-friendly, because E1-certified companies, such as Sonae Arauco, produce high-quality products and are responsible for fewer E1 emissions and practise sustainable reforestation.


Our wood based décorative boards will revolutionise the appearance of your kitchen as well as  any interior living area when applied onto furniture, cabinets, cupboards and walls. We offer tantalising new modern woodgrains and textures, lovely finishes and fantasies to add texture and dimension to your overall home’s design. Please view our stunning options att:


Perhaps extended cabinetry in the kitchen to increase your work area or to create a new integrated zone for your home office desk? Nice to have are trendy, functional and ergonomically designed kitchen appliances which will truly transform your kitchen and facilitate your cooking experience.


However big or small your home makeover project is, be sure to create a beautiful inspiring ambience so you learn to love your home again, you deserve it!


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