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Matching Life: Wendy Sibiya Shares Her Design Journey from Concept to Creation

May 30, 2024 | News

As part of our Matching Life ethos, we highlight everyday designs, home improvements, and how individuals interpret our decors – a commitment to our focus on sustainable design and dedication to elements that genuinely enhance a human-centric interior design.

Wendy Sibiya is an accomplished digital creator who recently renovated her dressing room using the Medieval Oak Decor in collaboration with Innovus. The result was stunning, perfectly complementing the rest of her house. 

Wendy chose Medieval Oak for its warm wood tones and beautiful woodgrain, which blend seamlessly with the white look in her primary bedroom, creating a cohesive design. Despite not being a fan of very modern styles, Medieval Oak’s classic and timeless finish won her over, resulting in a beautifully designed space she couldn’t be happier with.

To showcase the real-life application of Medieval Oak, we had the pleasure of interviewing Wendy Sibiya about her renovation journey. Here’s an inside look:

Exclusive Interview with Interior Designer Wendy Sibiya

The initial stages of renovation

Wendy tells us about her experience from conception to renovation. She enjoys not only picking out design swatches but also implementing them and collaborating with carpenters to ensure a seamless transition. Every renovation takes time; sometimes, you must leave a little wiggle room for a back-and-forth.

“As an interior designer and digital creator, I already had a clear vision for my dressing room. The process was smooth for me. I collaborated closely with our carpenter, provided them with my mood board, and guided them throughout the project. Communication was key, and everything went seamlessly,” 

Wendy suggests a clear and concise goal. Using helpful tools like our InnovusApp or Instagram for mood boards to showcase an overall look and feel ensures that you and your renovators see eye to eye.

The desired goal

Wendy wanted something fresh and versatile, aiming to achieve a harmonious blend of warmth, ample storage, and personalised touches with this renovation. A space that reflects her unique style and meets her practical needs.

“It was a combination of everything. Storage was a primary focus for the dressing room, and I achieved that. Additionally, I wanted to infuse the space with personality and warmth. Medieval Oak was the perfect choice for this because of its warm wood finish. This dressing room is for my partner and me, so it had to meet our needs perfectly.”

The key takeaway here is ensuring that, while your renovation matches your aesthetic tastes, you always have to consider your lifestyle and how it functions for you.

The Golden Thread

Wendy’s wardrobe renovation coincides with upgrades being done throughout her and her partner’s home. One of the most important aspects of having multiple renovations at once is ensuring cohesion. She explains her inspiration, why she chose Medieval Oak and the golden thread that ties everything together.

“My inspiration comes from natural materials. I love using wood and natural tones to warm and charm the home. Cozy colours, antiques, and architectural details also play a significant role in my design aesthetic. These elements create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere throughout the house.”

Key takeaways and design insights from Wendy

  • Choose complementary tones

I selected Medieval Oak boards for their warm wood tones and beautiful grain. This choice perfectly complements the white oak look in my primary bedroom, creating a cohesive design throughout the house.

  • Opt for timeless finishes

Despite not being a fan of very modern styles, I was won over by Medieval Oak’s classic silhouette finish. It adds an elegant touch that will remain stylish for years to come but also brings to life the elements of wood texture when you run your hand across the surface.

  • Create a harmonious space

Ensure that the materials and finishes you choose blend seamlessly with the rest of your home. The result should be a stunning, harmonious space that feels consistent and well-thought-out.

  • Collaborate for Success

Working with Innovus was a great experience. Their quality products and design options helped bring my vision to life beautifully.

Wendy’s renovation journey with Medieval Oak showcases this wood finish’s versatility and timeless appeal. Medieval Oak provides the perfect solution, whether you’re looking to add warmth, personality, or ample storage. Stay tuned for more inspiring renovation stories and design tips.

Visit our 3D Simulator to explore Medieval Oak for yourself.

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