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It’s no surprise that in a new year people look for ways to freshen up their interior spaces with effective and sophisticated decorative ideas, colours, and designs.

Change and acclimation is the name of the game, especially considering how we’ve all fared during the last two years. Refreshing your look for 2022 need not be a complicated affair of renovation and rebuilding. Sometimes the best makeovers are the simplest and easy to affect achievements in interior design

A fresh makeover with paint.

Inexpensive and easy to achieve, adding a coat of fresh new paint can transform a room from the bottom up. Clean neutral palettes of different shades of grey and beige infused with additional decorative pieces with primary colours can truly make a statement. Even a fresh coat of white paint can go a long way to brightening up your room.

While neutral palettes provide balance and harmony, deep, bold, and colourful hues are in vogue this season. Tertiary blends like deep teal, charcoal grey and navy blues are definitely trending right now. Be sure to dabble in a few sample colours to see which works best for your personal taste and space.

Purchase new linens

A fresh coat of paint can work wonders but the effect can only go so far. Soft furnishings like throw pillows and bedroom linens are usually the focal point of the room. These simple additions introduce a game-changing effect on the overall appeal of your bedroom space. A simple addition of colourful throw pillows or brand new duvets to match can turn an uninspired space into something unique and attractive.

One tried and true formula for achieving a sophisticated look is to overstuff your bedroom cushions and pillows by either ordering an insert that’s just a bit larger than the cover or by using two inserts for each cover.

Refresh and recycle furniture

Upcycling, recycling, and revamping have become quite the trend considering the fact we have become far more environmentally conscious as the years have gone by. Rather than tossing our old furniture to buy newer additions, homeowners have started revamping old antique pieces like kists and wardrobes, adding a new spin on traditional designs.

Even something as simple as a fresh paint job on old and tarnished wooden furniture can add a tasteful modern spin on classical pieces. Above that, accentuate the design by adding stencil artwork to the piece for exquisite finishes or to personalise them to suit your existing décor.

Curate your curtains/drapes to match your colour palette

Curtains, blinds and drapes are the sorts of accessories that can quickly blend into the background if you don’t rotate them through. Unfortunately, they’re also the sort of accessory that you may quickly stop noticing. However, drapes that have a soft, linen-like fabric exude a feeling of elegance and style.

Pick drapes that match not only the room décor but also take into account how much natural lighting brightens up the room. Consider hanging them floor to ceiling and maybe take it a step further by hanging them slightly higher than usual in order to add height and depth to your bedroom.

Consider space and function with shelving

If you’re looking to take your redecorating a little further than a splash of paint then perhaps you should consider the practical yet detailed option of wood-based cabinetry and shelving. Consider well placed and styled shelving with bespoke compositions that have multiple applications from storage to a place to mount pictures and ornaments.

Innovus Decorative Products by Sonae Arauco offers sustainably produced wood-based materials from Particleboard to Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF). Choose from a variety of décors from exceptional woodgrains to immaculate unicolours to match your existing style and complete the look with exceptional finished textures.

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