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A new year, a new you, and a brand new kitchen! From innovative interior design ideas to the visually striking blend of both classical and modern décor elements, we explore some of the hottest kitchen trends in 2022 to inspire a brand new twist on contemporary home design concepts.

Decorative Backsplashes

One of the trendiest, affordable, and easiest routes to applying a brand new
kitchen makeover is refreshing and overhauling your kitchen backsplash. Tiles and vinyl are great for exuding a glossy and glistening effect yet one of the newest and trendiest avenues of 2022 is the use of melamine wood-based decorative panels.

From industrial chic, wooden veneer, to the simple and striking hues of saturated unicolours, Innovus Decorative Products by Sonae Arauco provide a modern yet homey look with the use of ethically sourced and sustainable wood-based products. 

Innovus Decorative Products are available in both Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) and Particleboard (PB) substrates providing a canvas for crisp and contemporary backsplashes with exceptional finishes.

Combination of classical vogue and modern chic

Kitchen designs of the modern era are less about looking like show homes out of a magazine, and more about creating a homey, welcoming, and lived-in look and feel. We can most likely attribute this trend to the fact that more and more people are seeing the value in combining their homes and workspaces.

Furniture choices like antique kitchen tables and classical wooden dressers make for appealing and striking additions when contrasted with clean modern tops and appliances. The effect is almost immediate, creating a warm environment for traditional family gatherings around the kitchen table.

Open planned shelving and

Kitchens are vibrant and dynamic, and sometimes overdone décor can become almost visually overloading. One of the popular trends of 2021 saw kitchen design take a more restrained and focused design with a particular interest in the simple application of colour by exposing your pots, pans, and decorative dishes.

Kitchens are dominated by cabinetry from wall hung to mounted units. In many instances, open planned shelving such as live-edge designs and wall mounted kitchen appliances can go a long way to adding a sense of balance, symmetry, and function. Switch up your kitchen décor by contrasting your wall-mounted cabinets with shelving that you can convert into an open pantry.

In fact, one of the easiest yet most sophisticated looks of this season is to simply remove all cabinet windows or solid doors entirely. The visual effect speaks for itself.

Natural Elements

A common and increasingly popular design aesthetic comes with the use of natural elements. These additional pieces enhance the overall look and feel of modern kitchens creating a space that harmonizes with the rich textures of decorative panels and marble and granite tops. What’s more, natural elements such as plants, utilization of windows for a better view of the garden, lighting, and organically created products have health benefits as well.

It’s well documented that the use of natural elements in a home produces calming and healing effects. This is precisely why modern interior design experts are introducing these natural elements into modern kitchens in order to infuse nature with the home. One has to be sure that they consider the styling and layout of their kitchen by choosing materials that complement the overall style of their home

The more particular you are with your design choices, the more you add to your personality and style – enhancing comfort, and creating a unique harmonious space.

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