Our commitment to sustainable business practice - Sonae Arauco

The modern world that we live in is full of challenges both old and new. From economic struggles to climate change, we are facing unique ecological and sociological issues that require modern, incremental, and effective solutions to business practice.

Part of defining an ethical business model in the modern world requires a broad-based approach where we are not only concerned with the bottom line, but also the people and the planet.

Introducing the Triple Bottom Line
We understand that each aspect of our value chain carries a lasting effect from the wood-based materials we utilise to the business we sell to.

The stated purpose of a sustainable business strategy is to create positive long-lasting impacts on the environment and the people that are affected by our company. All the while ensuring that our shareholder’s expectations are also properly met. This approach is known as the Triple Botton Line of sustainability and can be briefly summarised as People, Planet, and Profit.

All across the globe, business leaders are focusing more and more on increasing the influence of sustainable business practice in order to address some of the world’s most concerning issues while maintaining the success of their company. Sustainability can be achieved by creating and solidifying clearly stated and achievable goals while developing strategies to effectively implement them. To us at Sonae Arauco, sustainability is in our DNA.

Respecting the environment
At Sonae Arauco, we are committed to our goals of respecting the environment as it forms part of our corporate identity. Part of this commitment is placed on our sustainable utilisation of raw materials where we actively respect the principles of the Triple Bottom Line.

We are ardently involved in stimulating forestry regrowth and developing efficient value chains in the manufacturing process. Our wood-based decorative panels indeed contribute to the sustainable use of our vital forest resources. Here are some of the listed advantages to our decorative products:

  • Our decorative products are a solid wood alternative.
  • Our decorative products are flexible, allowing for made-to-measure applications.
  • Our decorative products are more sustainable than steel or concrete.
  • Our decorative products are energy efficient and have a positive effect on the environment.
  • Our decorative products act as carbon storage units, effectively reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Our decorative products can be recycled and transformed into new products in a continuous cycle.

Valuing human health and safety in the workspace
Sonae Arauco is committed to the comfort and safety of the individuals that make up our international family. We understand the value of taking a preventative approach to all work activities and duties that relate to safe practice. These include attributes from proper hygiene controls and health and safety.

Our comprehensive initiatives are focused on creating employee awareness and emphasising the value of health and safety within both commercial and industrial units. These practices broadly cover the following points.

  • Reducing risk to the employee and preventing accidents, injuries, and occupational diseases. 
  • Constant and improved employee training in all of these respective fields.
  • Safety seminars within both the workspace (commercial units) and within factories (Industrial units) that focus on the use of all company equipment. 

As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainable business practice, Sonae Arauco strives to improve the standard of living of all of our employees.

Because of the nature of our business and given the fact that we are directly connected to natural resources, our environmental policy is paramount. In line with our Sonae Arauco Group Policy, our industrial sector and manufacturing plants are committed to protecting the land, local biodiversity, water and air quality. 

Our duty to comply with responsible manufacturing practices ensures that our products, business activities, and overall footprint continues to contribute to the protection of our environment, natural resources, and the planet as a whole. 

All of our policy decisions and business practices are aligned with the Corporate Environmental Policy and signed by local management as an indication of their commitment to our unwavering corporate mandate.

For more information about Sonae Arauco’s commitment to sustainable business practice please read our Code of Ethics.

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