Our Innovus Collection is internationally renowned - Sonae Arauco

Sonae Arauco’s Innovus Brand will be launched in South Africa over the course of this year. The Innovus Global Collection was introduced to mainstream overseas markets such as Germany, Spain and Portugal and a subsequent 40 countries across the globe over the past year, to much acclaim. The collection combines extraordinary versatility with Sonae Arauco’s internationally renowned quality to form a truly exceptional range of wood-based panels. While the full global collection comprises of 214 decors and 15 exquisite finishes, our South African market will be introduced to a smaller portion of these decors which have been specifically picked to align with local trends.

In 2019 the Innovus collection was represented at 30 events across Europe, making waves at architecture fairs and décor expos. The success of the collection is thanks to the extensive research that went into its development, which has ensured that Innovus is aligned to the most relevant decorative trends in Europe. The collection was designed to meet the needs of an ever growing, eclectic and global target audience. Innovus takes its inspiration from our everyday lives, resulting in a stylish and exciting range of contemporary decorative wood-based panels.

This exclusive collection has distinguished itself thanks to its innovative design, which has given it an impressive natural look and feel. Its appeal lies in its distinctive colours, vibrant patterns, attractive textures and high-quality finishes.

The Innovus collection is comprised of Sonae Arauco’s high-quality melamine decorative wood-based panels. These decorative boards are made of resin-impregnated printed paper that is then applied to either particleboard or Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF) wood-based panels. In keeping with Sonae Arauco’s goal of being an environmentally conscious company, the decorative boards are available with E1 certification in South Africa, in line with the formaldehyde emission standards for particleboard. These boards, which make up the Innovus collection are distinguished by their resilience and the fact that they are easy to clean, resistant to scratching and staining, and easy to maintain.  

The Innovus collection is a harmonious combination of visual appeal, technical performance and environmental sustainability, making it an instant hit with audiences worldwide.

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