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Sonae Arauco, as an industry leader, works with numerous affiliates and regulatory bodies in order to ensure that our products not only expand to reach a wider consumer base but also maintain the quality standards we are known for.

The Building Centre offers a space for businesses to showcase their latest product offerings as well as create opportunities for networking. Following our previous article in our affiliate series, We take a closer look at the benefits of working with The Building Centre and how they play a major role in featuring the latest in industry décor and design trends.

What is The
Building Centre

Based in the Mother City (Cape Town), The building Centre has been an industry standard-bearer since its inception in 1953. For almost 7 decades, they have been a valuable resource for architects, interior design experts, building professionals, and homeowners that are working on building or renovation projects.

Their world-class exhibit, known as the largest in South Africa, provides an opportunity for their affiliates to showcase a full spectrum of building, décor, and design products for both the residential and commercial spheres.

What they do for the Industry

Beyond providing a space for industry leaders to showcase the latest in interior design trends, The Building Centre is a valuable resource for consumers to gain a better understanding of who’s who in the industry and where to go for the next project.

Being open to the public seven days a week, they offer attendees free entry and grant their viewers and exhibitors an opportunity to browse and gather insight into the latest trends in both interior design and architectural spaces. For anyone looking to update their knowledge of the industry, The Building Centre is a must-visit.

What does it mean to be an exhibitor?

Being an exhibitor at the largest interior design gallery in South Africa has its benefits. Having access and proximity to the largest members of the industry provides a valuable opportunity to network with various businesses and establish rapport with a distinguished list of clientele.

On average, there are over 3500 visitors that attend every month, ensuring maximum product exposure. What’s more, The Building Centre is constantly on the lookout for unique and new products to inspire visitors both within the industry and beyond.

They also have a database on their website that lists each and every exhibitor, when they are showcasing, a description of what they provide, and how to contact them. 

Explore their Exhibitors page.

Sonae Arauco’s Exhibitor Profile.

Becoming an exhibitor requires a registration process that you can achieve by contacting their national office and applying. Standard terms and conditions such as respecting exhibitor spaces and rules and regulations apply.

Learn more here – Become an Exhibitor

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