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Sustainable Innovations Shine at Decorex 2023: Showcasing Innovus Collaborations

Aug 23, 2023 | News

Celebrating its 30th anniversary on the expo boards, Decorex stands as a testament to its enduring brand and platform. For 2023, Decorex spotlighted sustainability, placing exhibitors’ eco-friendly practices and low-impact measures at the forefront in Cape Town and Joburg. This year, exhibitors are seizing the opportunity to bring their eco-conscious visions to life at Decorex 2023.

Shift Towards Sustainability: Industry’s Proactive Stance

Decorex’s influence over three decades extends beyond design and decor – it fosters an environmental consciousness. The 2022 State of the Industry Report highlighted how sustainability reshapes the sector. Recycled materials, local production, and conscious consumption are gaining traction. Bielle Bellingham, Creative Director of Decorex Africa, asserts the industry “is taking charge of the change it wishes to see.”

A Glimpse into Innovus’ Sustainable Collaborations

Innovus Decorative Products by Sonae Arauco is a prominent brand in wood-based design and once again fosters innovation at Decorex 2023. This year’s curated line-up of sponsored brands showcases an array of design excellence and sustainable craftsmanship.

Twelve – Elegant Simplicity Meets Quality

Enter Twelve, the essential kitchen brand of ORDEGROUP, catering to the designer’s private market. Their custom-manufactured cabinetry offers simple yet sophisticated designs that adhere to stringent quality standards. Innovus’ collaboration with Twelve introduces décors Oxyde and Elmina, seamlessly incorporated within their showcase.

See more from their website: https://www.twelve.co.za/

Montana Interiors – A Fusion of Styles

Montana Interiors emerges as a premium interior design entity, spanning from ultra-modern to classic designs. Their versatility is epitomised by Spirit Woodgrain décor Nevada, which adds depth to their creations while staying true to their signature style.

See more from their website: https://montana.co.za/

KSA Kitchen Advice Centre – Where Functionality Meets Aesthetics

KSA Kitchen Advice Centre specialises in crafting interior spaces that balance functionality and aesthetics. Their Kitchen Trend Project, launched in 2022, provides a platform for supplier members to unveil new products. Embracing Innovus’ Elmina, KSA blends form and function seamlessly, amplifying their designs.

See more from their website: https://www.ksa.co.za/

Curves and Bevels – Crafting the Unique

Curves and Bevels Designer Kitchens celebrates individuality and originality. By embracing organic and curved forms, they create bespoke kitchens that defy conventional design. Their partnership with Innovus brings Eclipse and Natural Concrete into their designs, adding contrast and versatility to their already distinctive creations.

See more from their website: https://curvesandbevels.co.za/

A Glimpse into the Future

As Decorex 2023 unfolds, the stage is set for visitors to immerse themselves in a world where sustainability meets innovation. To witness these remarkable collaborations, prospective attendees are urged to explore the offerings showcased on Decorex’s official website.

Crafting Sustainable Narratives

In the heart of Decorex’s 30th year, the synergy between innovation, sustainability, and design is palpable. The stage is not only set to showcase the industry’s evolution but also to inspire individuals to make conscious choices for a better tomorrow. With Innovus leading the charge in fostering eco-conscious collaborations, Decorex 2023 is a testament to the power of design as a catalyst for positive change.

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