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Part of defining an ethical business model in the modern world requires a broad-based approach where a company is not only concerned with the bottom line, but also with the people and the planet.

At Sonae Arauco, sustainability is a central pillar of our corporate mandate with a special focus placed on the conservation of forestry and the ethical consumption of raw materials. Part of our approach to regrowing the forests that supply our raw materials is to recognise the importance of annual holidays and events such as Arbor Day.


What is Arbor Day

Abor Day is an internationally recognised occasion envisioned to create awareness of the vital role that forests and trees play in our environment. While Arbor Day is generally celebrated on the fourth Sunday of April, dates around the world can vary. This is because local temperatures and seasons differ from country to country.

Arbor Day’s defining purpose is the planting of new trees and saplings and was first celebrated over 100 years ago in the US State of Nebraska in 1872. The trend for raising environmental awareness took hold, eventually becoming an internationally recognised event that, although started from humble beginnings, today is recognised as playing a pivotal role in modern forest conservation. Arbor Day was first celebrated in South Africa in 1983.


Why is Arbor Day important?

An ethical corporate understands the importance and value of Arbor Day because it provides an educational service for the communities that they are a part of. However, Arbor Day serves a far greater purpose. The holiday has been celebrated for well over a century. Yet each year, it becomes more and more relevant to the times we live in. 

If anyone were to wonder why such a day is so significant, they need only take a glimpse at the long term devastation that deforestation has caused our planet. The fact of the matter is that our natural woodlands and forests are finite resources and can no longer be taken for granted. The age of the Industrial Revolution brought with it scientific advancements that are almost indistinguishable from magic, but the cost of that progress may have been far more than we bargained for.

General awareness of the importance of forests, increased understanding of the value chain, and a willingness to seek sustainable growth shows recognition and appreciation of the vital role that trees play in our environment as we move forward towards the future.


Taking part and building sustainable forestry awareness

You can take part in Arbor Day in a couple of ways. While planting trees is the most important activity you can take part in, it’s not always a viable option to do on your own. Consider taking part in organised tree planting events that will take place during April.

We take part in initiatives in small ways by sharing seeds of Acacia Burke ‘The Black Monkey Thorn’, indigenous seedlings of South Africa, which are available in every promotional pack, packaged in a biodegradable Innovus branded envelope, where guests are able to plant and germinate seeds in the comfort of their environment. 

You can also get involved by creating and designing banners and posters to raise general awareness. Beyond getting actively involved, you can make a difference by actively changing your lifestyle habits when it comes to recycling. Understanding what materials can be recycled and making an effort to separate these items from general refuse is a small but important step.

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Sonae Arauco has been involved in numerous forest conservation efforts in Portugal. But beyond that, we believe that encouraging individuals to take part in Arbor Day celebrations can achieve immeasurable results. Consider learning about what products are derived from trees and whether they are ethically sourced by your preferred manufacturers.

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