The four core benefits of Innovus Decorative wood-based boards

Innovus Decorative Products is Sonae Arauco’s brand of decorative product offerings. Defined by the concept of Matching Life which speaks to the overarching philosophy that it is present in all areas of our lives: the rooms in our homes, public spaces, and ultimately, the places where we live and work. 

Starting their journey off as sustainable timber derived from a mix of either eucalyptus or pinewood, our decorative boards are manufactured through a superior process in order to achieve the exceptional quality that we are known for. Consider the four core benefits of our wood-based products.

Anti-bacterial properties

Anti-bacterial properties suppress the ability for bacterial growth and reproduction on surfaces and within the granular structure. This is due to the compact nature of the board’s build integrity which creates extremely unfavourable conditions for harmful bacteria (such as Staphylococcus Aureus or Escherichia Coli) to reproduce. 

Innovus Decorative panels are particularly recommended for envisioning and designing residential environments, restaurants, hotels or other commercial or public spaces where bacteria may thrive.

Easy to clean

As we have stated before, thanks to the compactness of the surface and the ease of cleaning of this material. Due to an almost completely closed surface, all Innovus products with melamine board surfaces have excellent hygiene properties. 

Without the imperfections such as structural pores, cracks or sharp-edged or pocket-shaped depressions, it is extremely difficult for dirt or bacteria particles to adhere to the surface or become lodged in the board. Beyond this, melamine board surfaces are liquid-repellent.

You can clean your decorative boards using a damp and lukewarm cloth alongside a cup of vinegar. You may also use typical household all-purpose cleaners and disinfectants that are alcohol-based and provided they do not contain any scouring agents, acids, or alkaline-based substances

Any products that contain a high level of chlorine, such as bleach, should be avoided and immediately rinsed off using water if they come into contact with the product. Do not attempt to wipe off.


Another game-changing benefit to our products is their scratch-resistant qualities. Melamine boards (such as MDF or Particleboard) form extremely hard surfaces. This means that the surface quality maintains its rigid structural integrity and is not adversely affected by the elements even after being subject to prolonged use.

Our melamine boards effectively resist all damage from abrasions, scratches, gouges, wear, and other flaws found in similar products on the market.


Stain resistance is defined as the ability to resist contamination from dust and other chemicals or liquids. This is an extremely important performance trait of exterior coatings.

Melamine boards have a smooth and well-ordered surface which means that it is resistant to staining from chemicals, moisture resistant, and a fire retardant. What’s more, melamine boards can either be painted or printed over and can be further enhanced by a polyurethane finish which provides a notable texture when touched.

A range of versatile base products 

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