The Innovus Showroom Series ft. Atlas Kitchens - Sonae Arauco

Sonae Arauco is a B2B (Business to Business) enterprise that services a comprehensive range of clients from showroom owners to industry experts such as interior designers who run and manage their own companies. 

Part of introducing Innovus Decorative Products to the nation at large is aided by locally run businesses that stock our decorative boards and provide a platform that showcases our products for modern home interiors.

Today, we take a closer look at Atlas Kitchens’ showroom in Boksburg which has been faithfully using our products for the past ten years.

Introducing Atlas Kitchens

Established over 15 years ago, Atlas kitchens manufactures all of its kitchen cabinetry and designs on-premises and have been using our products for over a decade. They pride themselves on their commitment to ensuring their clients receive the finest quality. To them, customer satisfaction is a top priority.

Atlas Kitchens sells its products to three specific sectors. These include the private sector (private homes), Kitchen resellers, and corporates.

Atlas Kitchens quickly highlights Shadow Blue, specifically in the Silhouette finish, and Natural Concrete. Both of which are their favourite two décors and the most popular in their showroom. Their centrepiece kitchen design features an exquisite combination of Shadow Blue and Bianco.

When it comes to what’s trending at the moment, Atlas Kitchens highlights the popularity of Natural Concrete and the additional appeal of Oxyde. With such a popular selection, Atlas Kitchens notes that they are exceptionally proud to feature our products.

They also pointed out that our product offerings align with their company ethos of providing the finest quality products from baseboards to the finished design.

“A superb product, and a fantastic company to work with.” – Tyler Wilson, Owner of Atlas Kitchens.

An interview with Tyler Wilson – Owner of Atlas Kitchens

Recently, our Innovus team took a trip to Atlas Kitchens in order to touch bases and highlight some of the great work that they have been doing and why they are proud Innovus Standard Bearers.

See our video interview with Atlas Kitchens’ owner Tyler Wilson – Atlas Showrooms Interview.

Sonae Arauco would like to thank Atlas Kitchens for supporting us over the years.

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