The Innovus Showrooms Series in 2022 ft. HUS Living Space

Shedding light on locally run businesses that use Innovus decorative boards in their designs gives us an opportunity to showcase their creative zeal as well as an avenue to understand how our new decors affect local trends.

Introducing HUS Living Space

HUS Living Space was founded in 1996 and was created to bring beautiful, trendy kitchen designs right to their customer’s homes. The founders Elize and Gerhard Fourie’s passion for kitchen design and manufacturing has evolved HUS Living Space into one of South Africa’s premier interior design retailers.

They specialise in design quality, handcrafted kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, home offices, and any space in and around the home granting clients a comprehensive and meticulous service.
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The Founders of HUS have acquired extensive portfolios of world-class interior designers ready to redefine your home. Their dream quartet of designers each have a professional eye as well as the ability to bring a unique perspective to their discerning base of clients.

Because of this, working alongside a world-class producer on quality boards such as Sonae Arauco is only a natural part of the process.

After seeing a tremendous expansion in recent years, HUS Living Space, previously known as Retro Kitchen Design, has managed to preserve its successful operation centred around core family values despite undergoing a recent rebrand. As such, a walk through their showroom based in Pretoria will reveal the warm and inviting nature of its homely designs.

When it comes to the latest trends, Mandy Hanekom explains that Amber, one of our newer Spirit décors in the Woodgrain category, has quickly become a huge favourite among homeowners thanks to its versatile, light, and airy features giving it an almost veneer-like aesthetic.

Innovus Decorative wood-based products bring with them a comprehensive collection of decorative designs within three distinctive categories. Woodgrains, Unicolours and Fantasies. If you’re thinking of exploring combinations with the latest decorative trends to enhance your home interior then consider experimenting with our 3D Simulator to define an aesthetic that works best for you.

“We would just like to thank Sonae Arauco for their incredible support over the years. The colour selection in their décor range is simply beyond superb. We were blown away by the launch of the Spirit finish and décors and can’t wait to see what comes next.” – Jenine Albertyn, Designer at HUS Living Space.

An interview with Jenine Albertyn, Amelia Diedericks. Nadine Griesel, and Mandy Hanekom

In order to gain a deeper understanding of how our products influence the design trends of modern living spaces, our Innovus marketing team travelled to HUS Living Space to gather insight into their unique and inspiring design perspective.

See our video interview with HUS Living Space’s Professional Designers – HUS Living Space Interview

Sonae Arauco would like to thank HUS Living Space for supporting us from the very beginning.

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