The Innovus Showrooms Series in 2022 ft. KR Kitchens - Sonae Arauco

Part of introducing Innovus Decorative Products to the nation at large is achieved by locally run businesses that stock our decorative boards and provide a platform that showcases our products for modern home interiors.

Today, we take a closer look at KR Kitchens’ showroom based in the East Rand which has been faithfully using our products for the past ten years.

Introducing KR Kitchens

KR Kitchens is a wholesome family business owned and run by Mandy Swanepoel. It was established over 28 years ago by her father and has proudly been serving the local community for over three decades. To them, creating lasting and meaningful relationships with a long list of returning customers is part of why their name is a household brand within their area.

Since the inception of Sonae Arauco in South Africa, KR Kitchens has been one of our original clients who has been incorporating our decorative range into their showroom from the very beginning. As a company focused on People, the maintenance of a longstanding partnership such as ours with KR Kitchens is part and parcel of achieving meaningful results in the interior design industry.

If you take a walk through KR Kitchens’ showroom you’ll note that almost every aspect was conceptualised and designed proudly by Mandy herself with special attention to the latest trends from Innovus Decorative Products. According to Mandy, a combination of both Leatherwood and Bianco complement each other perfectly.

Innovus Decorative Products brings with it a comprehensive collection of decorative designs within three distinctive categories. Woodgrains, Unicolours and Fantasies. If you’re thinking of exploring combinations with the latest decorative trends to enhance your kitchen interior then consider experimenting with our 3D Simulator to define an aesthetic that works best for you. 

When it comes to the latest trends, Mandy explains that Leatherwood remains one of her most popular décors and has endeavoured to incorporate this aesthetic into as many showroom designs as possible.

“Sonae Arauco always delivers. Whether it be the next or the same day, we always receive superior service. Their reps are friendly and always ensure we’re taken care of. A fantastic company to work for.” – Mandy Swanepoel, Owner at KR Kitchens.

An interview with Mandy Swanepoel

Recently, our Innovus team travelled to KR Kitchens in order to get a better understanding of how their clients respond to our products and why they are proud standard-bearers of our decorative offerings.

See our video interview with KR Kitchens’ owner Mandy Swanepoel – KR Kitchens Interview

Sonae Arauco would like to thank KR Kitchens for supporting us from the very beginning.

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