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Three million tons of CO2 retained in wood-based materials 

Apr 3, 2024 | News

Sonae Arauco takes stock of the year 2023 

Three million tons of CO2 retained in wood-based materials 

According to EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations), the products manufactured in 2023 by Sonae Arauco, one of the world’s largest players of wood-based solutions, retain around three million tons of CO2 during their life cycle.  

3 April 2024 – Sustainability is one of the essential pillars of Sonae Arauco’s corporate strategy. The manufacturer is a committed supporter of the European Union’s climate targets and wants to actively contribute to the sustainable transformation of the construction industry with its products, because buildings today account for more than 40 percent of energy consumption and are responsible for more than 36 percent of greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy consumption.

Wood-based products such as particleboard, fiberboard, OSB boards and wood fiber insulation materials can make a decisive contribution to reducing emissions. This is because wood has the special ability to store CO2, which is the main cause of climate change. Thanks to this outstanding property of the material, the wood-based solutions produced by Sonae Arauco last year retain around three million tons of CO2 during their life cycle. This is very long for the products mentioned, as they are used in structural construction, decorative interior design, and furniture production. 

The amount of CO2 retained was calculated using the Environmental Product Declarations data which is verified by an independent body. This enables a transparent Life Cycle Analysis of the products based on EN15804 and a calculation of the specific carbon retention (kg CO2-eq/m³). Sonae Arauco’s entire product range, which the company sells in around 70 countries, was taken into account. 

According to Rui Correia, Sonae Arauco’s CEO:

”The CO2 retention ensured by Sonae Arauco’s products is a clear indication that, in a scenario where there is enormous pressure to use renewable energies, it is counterproductive to encourage the burning of wood for this purpose. It is a material that can be recycled countless times, extending not only its life cycle, but also its capacity to retain CO2, which has been identified as the main cause of climate change.”

Sonae Arauco has a circular bioeconomy business model which, among other things, has the integration of recycled wood as one of its main axes. 

The proportion of recycled wood in some of Sonae Arauco’s products already exceeds 70%. In 2023, the company processed more than 725 thousand tons of recycled wood in its products and is consistently working towards a higher proportion of recycled wood. The medium-term goal is to achieve, in some geographies, 85%. As one of the leading suppliers of wood-based materials, Sonae Arauco wants to leverage the critical role of its portfolio and contribute to the decarbonization of the construction and housing value chain.

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