Understanding our affiliates - Checks, balances, and the KSA

As an internationally recognised company, Sonae Arauco is acutely aware that working alongside both affiliates and regulatory bodies is part and parcel of establishing a sustainable and effective business strategy.

This is because our products reach almost every facet of the modern home. Including the most important room of all – the kitchen. And because having a successfully installed kitchen is vital for the success of your lifestyle, it’s important that manufacturers and designers are registered with The Kitchen Specialists Association.

Regulatory standards they provide

The Kitchen Specialists Association or KSA is a non-profit regulatory body that oversees everything to do with the kitchen building and interior design industry from base product manufacturers like Sonae Arauco, all the way down to installers and suppliers. In essence, they provide an exceptionally comprehensive overview of industry standards and acceptable business practices.

As proud members of the KSA, we at Sonae Arauco were required to meet a set of strict criteria in order for us to attain full membership. These criteria ensure that our wood-based decorative panels, customer service, and manufacturing standards are of the highest quality.

The stated goals of the KSA are as follows:

  • “To create a professional and stable trading environment in which the industry can prosper, and consumers can enjoy peace of mind.”
  • “To be a national organisation, representing the country’s reputable kitchen manufacturers and associated product suppliers with the purpose of offering the public peace of mind by association as well as facilitating solution-driven resolutions between members and consumers in areas of dispute.”

Exploring membership requirements

Becoming a member of the KSA involves a number of comprehensive requirements in order to ensure that any affiliate or partner which falls under their umbrella continues to provide high quality in both services rendered and products produced. This provides consumers and end-users a level of protection and a sense of surety when they purchase kitchen products.

For a company or service provider to become a registered member, they are first and foremost required to have good standing in the industry with thoroughly checked references that corroborate their high level of industry practice. These initial requirements are as follows.

  • Minimum of 3 years full-time experience in the SA Kitchen Industry.
  • A detailed Curriculum Vitae.
  • A portfolio including examples of at least five completed jobs. (Built and installed)
  • A scanned copy of your ID.
  • A minimum of three references from a person of good standing within the South African kitchen industry who knows of and has worked with you.
  • A signed copy of the KSA code of Ethics for Registered Kitchen Designers.

An annual registration fee for designers employed are not employed by the KSA are available on their website, here: www.ksa.co.za

Additional benefits of membership

While having the accreditation of South Africa’s number one kitchen regulatory body definitely helps establish your company as a trusted provider, there are a number of other benefits which the KSA provides.

One such benefit of membership comes in the form of mediation services for both consumers and members alike. This allows the customer (B2B or B2C) the opportunity to lodge a formal complaint against a member should they provide substandard work or products. The KSA is thus obliged to launch a formal inquiry to resolve the issue in a manner that is fair to both parties.

The KSA also has a secure holding for both consumers and members to deposit refunds or monetary incentives to mitigate against disputed cases. This financial side allows the KSA to protect consumer funds and establish trust between both parties.

Additional benefits for customers and consumers include:

  • Full verification of your CV and details.
  • Assurance that you’re profession receives adequate representation in South Africa.
  • Access to KSA resources and events
  • An official registration number
  • Use of the KSA registered designer logo on all of your communication channels.

Registration is annual and the KSA will confirm your work and contact details each year to keep up to date details. A registration letter will be issued each year with your unique registration number.

Beyond this, the KSA also provides members with the opportunity to have a say in the future of the industry and policies set out by the KSA. They are also able to use the title “specialist” alongside publicity generated by the KSA’s marketing campaigns, access to information updates that enable members to keep ahead of new regulatory standards, affiliate members, and overall in-store and point of sale support materials.

For more information about the KSA and what they provide for their members and affiliates, see more here – The Kitchen Specialists Association


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