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Using sustainable materials in a modern bathroom

Sonae Arauco excels at innovating design trends that not only suit your modern home but also seek to maintain eco-friendly methods and remain as environmentally conscious as possible. This article will be the first of a four-part series that will focus on sustainability within various areas in your home and work environment. 


Sustainable Materials 

It is important to know the difference between what is eco-friendly and what is sustainable as these terms are far from interchangeable. When we talk about sustainable building materials we refer to renewable resources such as steel, concrete, glass, stone, and various types of plastics. When speaking of something that is eco-friendly we refer to its general positive impact on the environment.

Understanding the difference is essential to planning out the most cost-effective and efficient method for your bathroom interior design. Start by choosing the right decorative skeleton, do you prefer a woodgrain, one of our fantasies or unicolours – or do you prefer combining and contrasting a woodgrain or fantasy with a unicolour? Sonae Arauco provides textures and expertly refined finishes for all our decorative boards, available in Innovus Decorative Products.

Mix and match designs to your own style with the help of our easy to use 3D simulator. Try it here:


The three Rs of Sustainable Practices

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle constitutes the three R’s of sustainable living. Understanding the core concept of this method will go a long way in ensuring you keep up with environmental trends.

  • Reduce: A minimalist approach to living doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have just the bare essentials. Rather, it’s an approach to weeding out products or accessories that add little to no value to your home décor. The less consumption the better.
  • Reuse: Simply put, making new from old. We know that proper disposal is good for the industry but not always the only option. If old items remain functional, they should be reused rather than disposed of.
  • Recycle: What’s the difference between reuse and recycle? Recycling is about reducing an item down to its core components whereas reusing is simply finding a new purpose for an existing item. It’s important to understand the difference when considering disposal.


Bathroom Essentials

One of the key points to maintaining an eco-friendly bathroom is reducing your water consumption. Bathrooms use a lot of water so focus your efforts on installing low flow taps, showerheads, and toilets.

Did you know that regular showerheads can spray out almost 8ltrs of water in just under five minutes? Low flow shower heads are now stocked at almost every hardware store and are an excellent way to modernise the look of your bathroom interior whilst saving more than half that amount in water. 

One revolutionary concept is to install motion sensors for your taps. Motion sensors are ideal because they only work when needed. Thus eliminating your waste factor with almost 100% efficiency. 

Another appliance that has become more and more waterwise is modern toilets. They are designed to work just as efficiently as your old high-litres per flush model so investing in one is a must.

VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds are by-products that are released into the air from paint, shower curtains, and even walling. Sonae Arauco’s melamine faced particle boards come with an E1 certification – The European standard for formaldehyde emissions. Our wood-based wall panels act as carbon storage units and actualise an overall positive effect on the environment, cutting down on VOCs, and making them the epitome of eco-friendly. 

Take our guide to heart when designing or renovating your bathroom and watch this space for continued insight into creating a green-efficient kitchen.

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