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When it comes to defining commercial and office spaces most of us immediately think of desks, cubicles, and a clinical environment with a non-descript décor. And while this is mostly true, office spaces of the modern era are slowly but surely starting to adopt a blended interior design make-up encompassing elements from both the office and the home.

Essentially, offices need to be spaces that evoke a sense of motivation and a place to re-energise your employees each day they return. Above all else, people need to feel as though they’re working in a safe and inclusive environment.

Defining Resimercial

There is a new phrase that is quickly becoming synonymous with modern interior design trends both at home and at work. A combination of the word commercial and residential, Resimercial defines a blend between the function of these two design elements. But what exactly is Resimercial design?

Wayfair magazine defines Resimercial as a layout or style that introduces the homey look and feel of residential décor and furniture into modern office spaces. Essentially, this particular design movement brings the vibrancy and warmth of the home into the standardised and sterile aesthetic of the corporate environment.

Innovus Decorative Products are designed, envisioned, and incorporated with the concept of Matching Life in mind. As such, they are perfectly suited for both residential and commercial spaces by introducing depth, sophistication, and modern style into any office space.

Envisioning your office layout

Since there are a number of stylistic directions you can take to define your office space, having an initial plan and design direction is key. Interior design encompasses far more than simply a collection of desks and chairs. You need to consider the background décor, spacing, the introduction of natural elements as well as how to meld them with each other seamlessly.

  • Introduce an outdoor appeal

Also known as biophilic design (the introduction of natural elements), incorporating the look and feel of natural elements is becoming more and more popular in modern office spaces. The strategy behind this design appeal is to mask background noises and reduce the overall stress level of employees.  

By introducing simple additions such as planters that either hang from the wall, ceiling or in corner spaces. The introduction of these simple features goes a long way to creating calm and inviting office spaces. 

However, the introduction of greenery is not the only method to enhance corporate spaces. Other features such as décors that reflect the look and feel of natural wood are incorporated into both wall dividers and furniture work to instil a stress-free environment.

A sophisticated amalgamation of Innovus Woodgrains – Aurora and Kingswood

  • Embrace industrial chic and modern designs

Depending on the particular corporate identity your company has, sometimes the natural aesthetic might not be as appealing as adopting a practical interior design direction. Industrial office designs are a popular choice but often come across as too rough around the edges and struggle to maintain a sense of calm or class.

Typical industrial chic styles incorporate the use of steel and concrete which create clean lines and may even incorporate the occasional exposed pipework and ventilation. And while these design elements look great in modern office spaces, it’s always important to offset them with standout features such as large hanging lights or walls and furniture décors which provide the finishing touch.

Innovus Decorative Products feature the Fantasies category which takes industrial chic to an entirely new level of style. From concrete designs which provide an unmistakable nod to a building’s past and identity to more retro-styled themes which add a level of vintage class, these carefully selected décors are the perfect backdrop to this particular interior design direction.

An exemplary use of Innovus Fantasies combined with industrial elements – Leatherwood, Grigio, and Urban Steel.

Whether you’re inspired by the natural appeal of solid wood or enticed by the cool appeal of straight lines, concrete, and industrial chic, Innovus Decorative Products are perfectly positioned to enhance the overall aesthetic of any office space.

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