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In a previous article, we touched upon envisioning interior design elements that can truly elevate the look and feel of modest homes (read more here). A limit on space does not necessarily mean a limit on function. This is particularly true when it comes to hosting holiday get-togethers with friends and family.

We’re all looking forward to a return to normality and as the holiday season approaches, the opportunity to reconnect with friends and family is perhaps more important to us now than ever before. While our spaces may be finite, it’s how we organise, envision, and define our home interior that can truly make a difference and allow for exceptionally planned year-end gatherings while still observing social distancing. 

To get a better understanding of how to make your space feel more inviting and open, read our easy tips on defining the perfect space for just about any personal gathering. 


Preparing ahead of time
Clearing out your home and getting into the mood for the holiday season is your first consideration. Focus mainly on your kitchen, entryways, and entertainment rooms (living room or dining room). Clear away personalised accessories like countertop picture frames and decorations to allocate more space. 

Spread your layout to make the most of your entertaining area by creating separate stations for drinks away from the food area. Consider placing an essence-oil diffuser at the front door in order to set the mood and, perhaps most importantly for the summer climate, include an aircon/fan since confined spaces can warm up quickly.

Preparing and cooking food ahead of time is also an important consideration because the less space used up with last-minute recipes on the counter the better. There’s always room for a few last-minute additions, but the last thing you want to do with guests around is jump between entertainment and the kitchen every so often.


Be Original
There’s plenty to be accomplished with a minimalist approach to entertainment. Make a statement by creating a stylish centrepiece for your guests. Something like a large roast ham or even finger food platters utilising original recipes. You can have multiple platters positioned in different spots.

Consider getting inventive and include a few of your own signature drinks. Crack out your vintage wine collection and offer a few options on display. You can also mix together your own alcoholic or non-alcoholic punches. Take a look at some of these cocktails and punch recipes for inspiration.

Show appreciation to your guests by creating small yet thoughtful personalised gifts that they can take home. Even homemade cookies specially and individually wrapped or a box of biscuits goes a long way to making your guests feel special and appreciated over the holiday season.


Nothing quite sets the mood for a special occasion like a well thought out backdrop with the addition of carefully selected playlists to make a notable difference. Depending on the sort of tone you’re going for, research shows that people consider an event to be far more memorable with an uplifting addition of good vibey music played in the background.

Your background décor and the type of furniture you use can make all the difference. While keeping with the trends is always a plus, there are practical reasons behind utilising furnishings and decorative throws that have antibacterial properties and are easy to clean. 

Furniture that uses MDF can leave lasting effects especially when there is detail added to the trim with other decorative features included. Woodgrain décors from simple patterns to elaborate designs make it almost impossible to tell that it isn’t real wood. What’s more, MDF is stronger than plywood and offers an excellent and sustainable substitute for solid wood

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